Customs Control Sample Clauses

Customs Control. If requested by the appropriate authorities, the Passenger shall permit inspection of his checked and carry-on baggage. At no time shall THE CARRIER be liable for baggage loss or damage which may result from such inspections, including during the time when the baggage is in possession of such authorities.
Customs Control. 1. Customs control shall be performed at specially designated posts of Customs control.
Customs Control. 5.2.1 Prepare customs documentation for ( a ) Inbound cargo ( b ) Outbound cargo ( c ) Transfer cargo
Customs Control 

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  • Traffic Control The Engineer shall provide all planning, labor, and equipment to develop and to execute each Traffic Control Plan (TCP) needed by the Engineer to perform services under each Work Authorization. The Engineer shall comply with the requirements of the most recent edition of the TMUTCD. The Engineer shall submit a copy of each TCP to the State for approval prior commencing any work on any State roadway. The Engineer shall provide all signs, flags, and safety equipment needed to execute the approved TCP. The Engineer shall notify the State in writing twenty-four (24) hours in advance of executing each TCP requiring a lane closure, and shall have received written concurrence from the State prior to beginning the lane closure. The Engineer’s field crew shall possess a copy of the approved TCP on the job site at all times and shall make the TCP available to the State for inspection upon request. The Engineer shall assign charges for any required traffic control to the applicable function code.

  • Job Control Personal Data being processed on commission (i.e., Personal Data processed on a customer’s behalf) is processed solely in accordance with the Agreement and related instructions of the customer. Measures: • SAP uses controls and processes to monitor compliance with contracts between SAP and its customers, subprocessors or other service providers. • As part of the SAP Security Policy, Personal Data requires at least the same protection level as “confidential” information according to the SAP Information Classification standard. • All SAP employees and contractual subprocessors or other service providers are contractually bound to respect the confidentiality of all sensitive information including trade secrets of SAP customers and partners.

  • Input Control Detection: Intentive designed its infrastructure to log extensive information about the system behavior, traffic received, system authentication, and other application requests. Internal systems aggregated log data and alert appropriate employees of malicious, unintended, or anomalous activities. Intentive personnel, including security, operations, and support personnel, are responsive to known incidents. Response and tracking: Intentive maintains a record of known security incidents that includes description, dates and times of relevant activities, and incident disposition. Suspected and confirmed security incidents are investigated by security, operations, or support personnel; and appropriate resolution steps are identified and documented. For any confirmed incidents, Intentive will take appropriate steps to minimize product and Customer damage or unauthorized disclosure. Communication: If Intentive becomes aware of unlawful access to Customer data stored within its products, Intentive will: 1) notify the affected Customers of the incident; 2) provide a description of the steps Intentive is taking to resolve the incident; and 3) provide status updates to the Customer contact, as Intentive deems necessary. Notification(s) of incidents, if any, will be delivered to one or more of the Customer’s contacts in a form Intentive selects, which may include via email or telephone.

  • Department’s Contract Manager The Department’s Contract Manager, who is primarily responsible for the Department’s oversight of the Contract, will be identified in a separate writing to the Contractor upon Contract signing in the following format: Department’s Contract Manager Name Department’s Name Department’s Physical Address Department’s Telephone # Department’s Email Address If the Department changes the Contract Manager, the Department will notify the Contractor. Such a change does not require an amendment to the Contract.

  • Cost Control The budget established by the OWNER for the construction of the Project and CONSULTANT fee shall be considered as absolute. The CONSULTANT shall advise OWNER in writing of the following:

  • Localization 14.1 Should any Seller Affiliate and any Customer Affiliate wish to enter into an agreement for the provision of Deliverables and/or Services ("Local Agreement") in either Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Hong Kong, Ireland, Singapore, South Africa or Australia (as applicable), Local Agreement(s) can be agreed between the Parties and added as Exhibit(s) to this Agreement by way of addendum. The terms of this Agreement shall be incorporated into each such Local Agreement except to the extent that the Local Agreement expressly states that any amendments shall take precedence. By: By: {{cby_es_:signer1:signature }} Name: Name: {{cname_es_:signer1:fullname }} Title: (Authorised Signatory) Title: {{ctitle_es_:signer1:title }} (Authorised Signatory) Date: XX/XX/XXXX Date: {{cdate_es_:signer1:date}} Exhibit A Dated the ___ day of __________, , to the Master Services Sales Agreement Between CDW MIDDLE EAST FZ-LLC, and ____________________ Customer Affiliates Statements of Work may be executed pursuant to the Agreement by the following Customer-designated parties: Affiliate Name: ______________________________ Address: ______________________________ FEIN Number: ______________________________ DUNS Number: ______________________________ Account Number: ______________________________ Affiliate Name: ______________________________ Address: ______________________________ FEIN Number: ______________________________ DUNS Number: ______________________________ Account Number: ______________________________ Affiliate Name: ______________________________ Address: ______________________________ FEIN Number: ______________________________ DUNS Number: ______________________________ Account Number: ______________________________ Exhibit B Dated the ___ day of __________, , to the Master Services Sales Agreement Between CDW MIDDLE EAST FZ-LLC, and ____________________

  • Foreign Assets Control None of the Borrower, any Subsidiary or any Affiliate of the Borrower: (i) is a Sanctioned Person, (ii) has any of its assets in Sanctioned Entities, or (iii) derives any of its operating income from investments in, or transactions with, Sanctioned Persons or Sanctioned Entities.


  • Data Input Control It will be possible to retrospectively examine and establish whether and by whom Personal Data have been entered, modified or removed from SAP data processing systems. Measures: • SAP only allows authorized personnel to access Personal Data as required in the course of their duty. • SAP has implemented a logging system for input, modification and deletion, or blocking of Personal Data by SAP or its subprocessors within the Cloud Service to the extent technically possible.

  • Foreign Asset/Account, Exchange Control and Tax Reporting The Participant may be subject to foreign asset/account, exchange control and/or tax reporting requirements as a result of the acquisition, holding and/or transfer of shares of Common Stock or cash (including dividends and the proceeds arising from the sale of shares of Common Stock) derived from his or her participation in the Plan, to and/or from a brokerage/bank account or legal entity located outside the Participant’s country. The applicable laws of the Participant’s country may require that he or she report such accounts, assets, the balances therein, the value thereof and/or the transactions related thereto to the applicable authorities in such country. The Participant acknowledges that he or she is responsible for ensuring compliance with any applicable foreign asset/account, exchange control and tax reporting requirements and should consult his or her personal legal advisor on this matter.