Graduate Student definition

Graduate Student means a student who is in attendance at an institution of higher education and is enrolled in an academic program of instruction above the baccalaureate level. The term includes any portion of a program leading to either a degree beyond the baccalaureate, or a first professional degree when at least three years of study at the pre-baccalaureate degree level are required for entrance into a program leading to such a degree. Students admitted as special/provisional graduate students may be considered as eligible students for one term only if it is anticipated they will enroll in a regular graduate program in the following term.
Graduate Student means a student who has completed at least 90 semester hours, or the trimester or quarter equivalent, of postsecondary coursework at a public higher education institution or at an accredited private institution, as defined under Iowa Code section 261.9.
Graduate Student means any student registered full-time or part-time in a thesis or course- based program in the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research at the University of Alberta.

Examples of Graduate Student in a sentence

  • The Employer may assign Graduate Student Teaching Assistantships to full-time students enrolled in a master’s degree or doctoral program at Xxxxx University.

  • Undergraduate and Graduate Student Exchanges SECOND: Each Party will select and nominate its students to participate in the exchange program, according to the procedures and requirements set forth by the host institution.

  • Associated with a Graduate Student Teaching Assistantship is a nominal workload of 120 hours per term.

  • Graduate Student Teaching Assistantship have a nominal workload of 120 hours per appointment and are paid on the following basis: Graduate Student Teaching Assistantship Stipend Hourly Rates July 1, 2004 $2,206 $18.38/hour July 1, 2005 $2,361 $19.67/hour July 1, 2006 $2,550 $21.25/hour Note – the above rates include 4% vacation pay.

  • The Graduate Student Teaching Assistantship can include Teaching Assistant, Marker- Grader, Course Coordinator and/or Lab Demonstrator duties.

More Definitions of Graduate Student

Graduate Student means a student in the final year of course work at a chiropractic school or college provided by IC 25-10-1-2(a).
Graduate Student means a Student registered in the School of Graduate Studies.
Graduate Student means an applicant who is applying to a Masters or Doctoral program, or who is currently a Masters or Doctoral student. Graduate students may also be new students, continuing students, or returning students as defined in this section.
Graduate Student means any student who is registered in a graduate program at the University and is a member of the Graduate Students’ Association. Students who are registered in graduate courses under an Open Studies designation, but who are not registered in a graduate program, are not classified as graduate students under this Agreement.
Graduate Student is a student who has been registered as a candidate for a higher degree or diploma in the School of Graduate Studies at the University.
Graduate Student means a person enrolled as a Graduate Student at the University.
Graduate Student. You will receive the benefits of International SOS for the official duration of the program, but not the insurance portion of LUSISIP, and are required to provide or purchase your own health insurance.