Permanent Service definition

Permanent Service means service provided for a period of more than ninety (90) days.
Permanent Service means container and drop-box service provided at the customer's request for a period of more than ninety days.
Permanent Service means any electric service when the use of service, both as to amount and permanency, can be reasonably assured.

Examples of Permanent Service in a sentence

  • The SFA will retain signature authority on the State Agency Food Program Permanent Service Agreement, Free and Reduced-Price Policy statement, and claims.

  • In addition to the provisions contained herein, the parties also have the rights and obligations described in the Electric Tariff provisions respecting "System Reinforcement and Transmission Extension Policies for Permanent Service" attached hereto as Appendix "1" to this Agreement.

  • Quality: in situ sea level data should be provided with standardized format, similar to (Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level) PSMSL data, and also with quality flags.

  • Subject to clause each full-time member in the "Permanent Service" class of members shall be covered by the provisions of By-law No. of the City of Toronto and amendments thereto, being a by-law "to provide pensions for employees, their spouses and children, of Police Service of the City of Toronto and other participating employers".

  • For the purpose of this agreement, a probationary employee is a person who has been hired to fill a vacancy in the permanent established complement who has not, since most recent employment by the Corporation completed six months (or such longer period if agreed to by the Corporation, employee and the Union), and been accepted for the Permanent Service.

More Definitions of Permanent Service

Permanent Service means a service where electricity will be taken for an unlimited period of time;
Permanent Service means, in conjunction with containers and drop boxes, when service is provided for a period of more than ninety days.
Permanent Service means a Connection or Service authorized by the District that does not meet the definition of a Temporary Service and for which all requirements of the District have been satisfied, the occupant of the property is the named customer, and no remaining balances are due from the associated Temporary Service.
Permanent Service means service contracted for under the terms of the applicable rate schedule but not less than one year and where the intended use is not seasonal, intermittent, or speculative in nature.
Permanent Service means a service which, in the opinion of the Director, is of a permanent and established character. The use of the water may be continuous, intermittent or seasonal in nature.
Permanent Service. “Permanent Service” means Container and drop-box service provided at the customer’s request for more than 90 days.
Permanent Service means any service that is intended to remain in place on a continuing basis including a permanent foundation and plumbing facilities (i.e. septic) meeting all Iowa laws and regulations. Permanent service only includes a residential dwelling which is a primary dwelling or a commercial business. A mobile home, which has had the undercarriage removed, been set on a permanent foundation, had its license turned in, and become part of the real estate is classified as a permanent service.