Adequate Assurance definition

Adequate Assurance means:
Adequate Assurance means at least meeting the following conditions, which Landlord and Tenant acknowledge to be commercially reasonable:
Adequate Assurance has the meaning specified in Section 12.5.

Examples of Adequate Assurance in a sentence

  • After such demand, and if title has not already transferred, the Secured Party may withhold performance until it receives such Adequate Assurance.

  • Any cost, expense, or charges associated with any Adequate Assurance procured pursuant to this Section shall be for the account of the party providing such.

  • If Buyer exceeds the credit line Seller established for Buyer, which Seller may establish and modify in its sole discretion from time to time, Seller may demand Adequate Assurance pursuant to this Section.

  • Amend by adding the following definitions in their appropriate alphabetical order: “Adequate Assurance” means either (i) an irrevocable stand-by letter of credit in a form and for a commercially-reasonable amount acceptable to Secured Party opened or confirmed by a Qualified Institution, or (ii) cash or prepayment in immediately available funds in a commercially-reasonable amount acceptable to the Secured Party, at the option of the party providing the Adequate Assurance.

More Definitions of Adequate Assurance

Adequate Assurance has the meaning given in clause 21.3(a).
Adequate Assurance means that:
Adequate Assurance means:(i) the Trustee or Tenant has and will continue to have sufficient unencumbered assets after the payment of all secured obligations and administrative expenses to assure Landlord that the Trustee or Tenant will have sufficient funds to fulfill the obligations of Tenant under this Lease; (ii) the Bankruptcy Court shall have entered an Order segregating sufficient cash payable to Landlord and/or the Trustee or Tenant shall have granted a valid and perfected first lien and security interest and/or mortgage in or on property of Trustee or Tenant acceptable as to value and kind to Landlord, to secure to Landlord the obligation of the Trustee or Tenant to cure the monetary and/or non-monetary defaults and breaches under this Lease within the time periods set forth above; and (iii) the Trustee or Tenant, at the very minimum, shall deposit a sum equal to two (2) month's Minimum Monthly Rent to be held by Landlord (without any allowance for interest thereon) to secure Tenant's future performance under the Lease.
Adequate Assurance has the meaning given such term in Section 18.2.
Adequate Assurance means, at the option of Shipper, (i) the advance payment in cash by Shipper to Gatherer for System Services to be provided under this Agreement in the following Month or (ii) delivery to Gatherer by Shipper of an Adequate Letter of Credit in an amount equal to not less than the aggregate amounts owed from Shipper to Gatherer hereunder for the prior two Month period. If (A) Shipper fails to provide Adequate Assurance to Gatherer within 48 hours of Gatherer’s request therefor pursuant to this Section 18.2 or (B) Shipper or Shipper Parent suffers any of the actions described in Section 10.1(a)(iii), then, in either case, Gatherer shall TERMS IN THIS EXHIBIT HAVE BEEN REDACTED BECAUSE CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT FOR THOSE TERMS HAS BEEN REQUESTED. THE REDACTED MATERIAL HAS BEEN FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION, AND THE TERMS HAVE BEEN MARKED AT THE APPROPRIATE PLACE WITH TWO ASTERISKS (**). have the right to, at its sole option, terminate this Agreement upon written Notice to Shipper or suspend or reduce all services under this Agreement without prior Notice to Shipper, in each case, without limiting any other rights or remedies available to Gatherer under this Agreement or otherwise. If Gatherer exercises the right to terminate this Agreement or suspend or reduce any System Services under this Section 18.2, then Shipper shall not be entitled to take, or cause to be taken, any action hereunder or otherwise against Gatherer for such termination, suspension or reduction. Failure of Gatherer to exercise its right to terminate this Agreement or suspend or reduce any System Service as provided in this Section 18.2 shall not constitute a waiver by Gatherer of any rights or remedies Gatherer may have under this Agreement, applicable Law, or otherwise.
Adequate Assurance. As defined in Section 14.1.
Adequate Assurance means (i) with respect to L/C Obligations, such assurance as the L/C Issuer may require in its discretion, and (ii) with respect to Swing Line Loans, such assurance as the Swing Line Lender may require in its discretion, in each case, that any Defaulting Lender will be capable of honoring its obligations to fund its portion of L/C Obligations and Swing Line Loans, as appropriate, and participation interests therein, including existing and future obligations hereunder and under the other Loan Documents. Adequate Assurance may be in the form of cash collateral, posting of letters of credit or other arrangement, in each case in form, amount and other respects satisfactory to the L/C Issuer or Swing Line Lender, as applicable, in their discretion.