Active treatment definition

Active treatment means the implementation of an individualized care plan developed under and supervised by a physician and other qualified mental health professionals that prescribes specific therapies and activities.
Active treatment means treatment from a Physician of a disease, illness or injury that leads to recovery, or to restore the Insured to the previous state of health.
Active treatment means there is a current need for treatment of the CRS qualifying condition(s) or it is anticipated that treatment or evaluation for continuing treatment of the CRS qualifying condition(s) will be needed within the next 18 months from the last date of service for treatment of any CRS qualifying condition.

Examples of Active treatment in a sentence

  • Active treatment includes procedures undertaken and appliances used with those procedures for the purpose of bringing teeth into proper position and alignment.

  • Active treatment, which patients should have had prior to surgery, will frequently require a repeat of the sessions previously ordered.

  • Active treatment does not include space maintainers, palate expanders or other devices used to prepare the patient for services to position and align teeth.

  • Active treatment does not include space maintainers, palate expanders or other devices used to prepare the Eligible Person for services to position and align teeth.

  • Active treatment examples include, but are not limited to, individual and group therapy, medication evaluation and management, expressive therapies, and theme groups such as communication skills, assertiveness training, other forms of community skills training, stress management, chemical dependency counseling, education, and prevention, symptom recognition and reduction, problem solving, relaxation techniques, and victimization (sexual, emotional, or physical abuse issues).

More Definitions of Active treatment

Active treatment means an ongoing, aggressive and consistently applied program of training and treatment services to allow the client to function as independently as possible and main- tain his or her maximum functional abilities.
Active treatment means an ongoing, organized effort to help each resident attain or maintain his or her developmental capacity through the resident’s regular participation, in accord- ance with an individualized plan, in a program of activities designed to enable the resident to attain or maintain the optimal physical, intellectual, social and vocational levels of functioning of which he or she is capable.
Active treatment means the treatment as described in 42 CFR 483.440(a), as amended from time to time;
Active treatment means a remedial activity that is not natural attenuation or monitoring but is conducted in situ. Active treatment includes use of biological or chemical agents to aug- ment remediation of contamination.
Active treatment means the habilitative program of care for ICF/MR patients described in 42 CFR Part 483 (1983) that addresses training in daily living, self-help, and social skills; activities; recreation; appropriate staffing level; special resident programs; program evaluation; nursing services; documented resident surveys and progress; and social services.
Active treatment means the definition contained in 42 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 441, section 441.154.