Accredited training definition

Accredited training means all training and assessment services relating to any nationally recognised qualification, Training Package, Course, Foundation Skills Course, Bridging Unit or Unit of Competency for a Participant that is delivered by a Registered Training Organisation (“RTO”).
Accredited training means training provided by an organization that has accreditation from an association approved by the Board.
Accredited training means a program through which:

Examples of Accredited training in a sentence

  • Accredited training programs currently supported by the Tenderer and/or will be supported or utilised in providing these Services.

  • Accredited training programs, apprentices and/or trainees currently supported by the Respondent and/or that will be utilised in providing this requirement.

  • M.M., et al., Pattern of medical waste management: existing scenario in Dhaka City, Bangladesh.

  • Accredited training programs shall offer and provide only training for the disciplines for which they are approved.

  • Accredited training Providers who are approved for a program outlined in the application regulation, and who administer examinations are required to submit Applications for Certificates of Qualification along with each candidate’s grades.

  • Accredited training programs currently supported by the Tenderer or that will be supported or utilised in providing the Supplies.

  • Authors: Sakurai, Yukihiro; Nakatsu, Masami; Sato, Yuko; Sato, Kinuko Source: Digestive Endoscopy, Volume 15, Number 1, January 2003 , pp.

  • Accredited training program” means a training program that has been accredited by either: the Commission, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), or an EPA-approved lead-based paint program in a state or tribe with reciprocity agreements with the Commission to provide training for individuals engaged in lead-based paint activities.

  • Accredited training programs supported by the Tenderer specifically for Indigenous Territorians.

  • Accredited training program--A training program that has been accredited by theTexas Department of State Health Services (department) to provide training for persons engaged in lead-based paint activities.

More Definitions of Accredited training

Accredited training means training provided by a program that is accredited through an organization recognized by the department of education or the health care financing administration as the official accrediting body for that program.
Accredited training means any course listed in Appendix 1.
Accredited training means training that is approved in writing by the Employment and Social Security Committee as accredited training for the purposes of these Regulations;
Accredited training means training given to a worker for a maximum period of 12 months –
Accredited training means all training and assessment services relating to any qualification, Training Package, Course, Foundation Skills Course, Bridging Unit or Unit of Competency for a Participant;
Accredited training means training for LMC Committee members that are conducted under regulation 16;

Related to Accredited training

  • accredited laboratory means an analytical facility accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), or accredited by another accrediting agency recognized by Manitoba Conservation and Climate to be equivalent to the SCC, or be able to demonstrate, upon request, that it has the quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) procedures in place equivalent to accreditation based on the international standard ISO/IEC 17025, or otherwise approved by the Director;

  • accredited person means a person registered in terms of the Regulations as an electrical tester for single phase, an installation electrician or a master installation electrician, as the case may be;

  • Accredited school means a school that is accredited by an accrediting agency, recognized according to Minn. Stat. § 123B.445 or recognized by the Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE).

  • accredited representative means an individual whose name is included on the Police Station Register and who is accredited by a body recognised by us as competent to grant such accreditation;

  • Accredited college or university means a college or university accredited by a national or regional association recognized by the secretary of the United States department of education or a foreign college or university of comparable standing.

  • Accredited means approved by the:

  • Accredited Investor has the meaning set forth in Regulation D promulgated under the Securities Act.

  • Prohibited Transferee means any Person who is a:

  • U.S. Accredited Investor means an “accredited investor” within the meaning of Rule 501(a) of Regulation D;

  • Prohibited Transaction has the meaning set forth in ERISA Section 406 and Code Section 4975.

  • Accredited Assessor means a person accredited by the management unit established by the Commonwealth under the Supported Wage System to perform assessments of an individual’s productive capacity within the Supported Wage System.

  • Prohibited Transfer means any Transfer or purported Transfer of Corporation Securities to the extent that such Transfer is prohibited and/or void under this Article IX.

  • Accredited Investors should complete this Section

  • Physical dependence means a state of adaptation that is manifested by a drug-specific withdrawal syndrome that can be produced by abrupt cessation, rapid dose reduction, decreasing blood level of the drug, administration of an antagonist, or a combination of these.

  • Institutional Accredited Investor means an institution that is an "accredited investor" as defined in Rule 501(a)(1), (2), (3) or (7) under the Securities Act.

  • Accredited institution means an institution of higher education accredited by a regional accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education.

  • Institutional Accredited Investors Institutions that are “accredited investors” within the meaning of Rule 501(a) (1), (2), (3) or (7) of Regulation D under the Act or any entity all of the equity owners of which are such institutions.

  • Prohibited Transactions means a personal securities transaction prohibited by this Code.

  • Qualifying Examination means examinations on the basis of which a candidate becomes eligible for admission or its equivalent examination;

  • NATA accredited means in relation to the analysis of a sample that the laboratory is NATA accredited for the specified analysis at the time of the analysis;

  • Rule 501 means Rule 501(a)(1), (2), (3) or (7) under the Securities Act.

  • Qualified individual with a disability means an individual with a disability who satisfies the requisite skill, experience, education and other job-related requirements of the employment position such individual holds or desires, and who, with or without reasonable accommodation, can perform the essential functions of such position.

  • Qualified Institutional Buyers as defined in Rule 144A. It is aware that the sale of the Privately Offered Certificates is being made in reliance on its continued compliance with Rule 144A. It is aware that the transferor may rely on the exemption from the provisions of Section 5 of the Act provided by Rule 144A. The undersigned understands that the Privately Offered Certificates may be resold, pledged or transferred only to (i) a person reasonably believed to be a Qualified Institutional Buyer that purchases for its own account or for the account of a Qualified Institutional Buyer to whom notice is given that the resale, pledge or transfer is being made in reliance in Rule 144A, or (ii) an institutional "accredited investor," as such term is defined under Rule 501(a) of the Act, in a transaction that otherwise does not constitute a public offering. The undersigned agrees that if at some future time it wishes to dispose of or exchange any of the Privately Offered Certificates, it will not transfer or exchange any of the Privately Offered Certificates to a Qualified Institutional Buyer without first obtaining a Rule 144A and Related Matters Certificate in the form hereof from the transferee and delivering such certificate to the addressees hereof. Prior to making any transfer of Privately Offered Certificates, if the proposed transferee is an institutional "accredited investor," the transferor shall obtain from the transferee and deliver to the addressees hereof an Investment Letter in the form attached as Exhibit F-1 to the Pooling and Servicing Agreement, dated as of December 1, 2004, among Structured Asset Mortgage Investments II Inc., EMC Mortgage Corporation, Xxxxx Fargo Bank, National Association and JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., as Trustee, pursuant to Certificates were issued. The undersigned certifies that it either: (i) is not acquiring the Privately Offered Certificate directly or indirectly by, or on behalf of, an employee benefit plan or other retirement arrangement which is subject to Title I of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended, and/or Section 4975 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, or (ii) is providing a representation or an opinion of counsel to the effect that the proposed transfer and/or holding of a Privately Offered Certificate and the servicing, management and/or operation of the Trust and its assets: (I) will not result in any prohibited transaction unless it is covered under an individual or class prohibited transaction exemption, including, but not limited to, Class Prohibited Transaction Exemption ("PTCE") 84-14, XXXX 00-00, XXXX 00-0, XXXX 95-60, PTCE 96-23 or Section 401(c) of ERISA and the regulations to be promulgated thereunder; (II) will not constitute or result in the assets of the Trust being deemed to be "plan assets" subject to the prohibited transaction provisions of ERISA or Section 4975 of the Code; and (III) will not give rise to any additional fiduciary duties on the part of the Depositor, the Master Servicer, the Certificate Registrar, the Securities Administrator, any Servicer or the Trustee. If the Purchaser proposes that its Certificates be registered in the name of a nominee on its behalf, the Purchaser has identified such nominee below, and has caused such nominee to complete the Nominee Acknowledgment at the end of this letter. Name of Nominee (if any):

  • Planning Act means the Planning Act, 1990, R.S.O. 1990, c.P.13, as amended;

  • Accredited Investor Questionnaire means the Accredited Investor Questionnaire set forth as Exhibit C-1 hereto.