Foundation Skills Course definition

Foundation Skills Course means a Qualification which is identified by the Minister as a Foundation Skills Course.
Foundation Skills Course means a Full Qualification which is identified as a Foundation Skills Course in Directions published by the Minister from time to time;

Examples of Foundation Skills Course in a sentence

  • Participants who require a Foundation Skills Course must either complete the course or demonstrate that they are at the minimum literacy and numeracy level as determined by the Upfront Assessment of Need Working Instructions before they can enrol in a publicly subsidised vocational course.

  • Usual applications include pharmaceutical, cosmetic, single serving liquor bottles that weighs less than 12 oz.

  • IBM’s Information Economics Project (IBM, 2000) provides another example of research into agent systems engaged in economic interactions.

  • Unfortunately, as implied by the opening to this report, along with the cancellation of our Foundation Skills Course we have had some disruptions to our usual conference programme: The Spring Conference 2020 on March 19th was postponed to March 2021.

  • Finding 14.Overpayments for Less Than Arms Length Lease ArrangementsMCCMHS overpaid Muskegon County for the rental of office buildings.

  • The informal resolution will be binding, with no appeal.The informal resolution process is not available for:1.

  • A Participant may be enrolled in a Foundation Skills Course if assessed by the Service Provider to require one pursuant to clause29, regardless of the Participant’s previous qualification level.

  • This report has been delivered to Congress;

  • The Climate Change Division also takes the lead on the promotion of sustainable development.

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  • snippet means the Guarantee and Collateral Agreement, as amended, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time, in the form of Exhibit E, among Holdings, the Borrower, each Subsidiary Loan Party and the Administrative Agent.","snippetLinks":[{"key":"guarantee-and-collateral-agreement","type":"clause","offset":[10,44]},{"key":"as-amended","type":"definition","offset":[46,56]},{"key":"otherwise- modified","type":"clause","offset":[74,92]},{"key":"from-time-to-time","type":"clause","offset":[93,110]},{"key":"form-of","type":"clause","offset":[119,126]},{"key":"exhibit-e","type":"clause","offset":[127,136]},{"key":"holdings","type":"clause","offset":[144,152]},{"key":"the-borrower","type":"clause","offset":[154,166]},{"key":"subsidiary-loan- party","type":"definition","offset":[173,194]},{"key":"the-administrative-agent","type":"clause","offset":[199,223]}],"hash":"61aabf5edc0e717dd017e870877aba2d","id":5},{"size":55,"samples":[{"uri":"/contracts/dcqI4XJ9kpY#collateral-agreement","label":"Credit Agreement (AGA Medical Holdings, Inc.)","score":21},

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