accredited person definition

accredited person means a person registered in terms of the Regulations as an electrical tester for single phase, an installation electrician or a master installation electrician, as the case may be;
accredited person means any person who has been approved by the Director General under section 88B;’
accredited person means a registered technical person or an Architect, who has been granted with Accreditation Certificate under these rules;

More Definitions of accredited person

accredited person means a person in relation to whom an accreditation under section 41 is for the time being in force;
accredited person. , for chapter 6,29 means a railway manager or operator for whom an accreditation is in force under the chapter.
accredited person means any person who is—
accredited person means a person who is accredited under part 4 to give assurance certificates.
accredited person means the person accredited under the employers' Community Safety Accreditation Scheme.
accredited person means the University of Mauritius or a person who is the holder of an authorisation granted under section 12A(3);
accredited person means a member of Australia's Team to the 2018 Australian Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast or any other person accredited for those Games by the CGA or the CGF. This includes all Games participants.