Account Types definition

Account Types means the various types of Securities Accounts required by Regulations and the System Rules to be maintained by a Participant, or categories of Participants in the LankaSecure System.
Account Types. GTN Asia offers many different account types. Account types may be subject to certain restrictions and eligibility requirements, and certain services are not available to all customers and account types. Further information on this subject is on GTN Asia Website. I am responsible for selecting the account type that is appropriate for my needs and circumstances. GTN Asia reserves the right to limit the number of Trading Accounts I maintain (or have a beneficial interest in) at any one time.

Examples of Account Types in a sentence

  • Account Types Executive Administrator: An Executive Administrator has access to all data—student-level, school-level (if the entity is a district or RIC), and entity-level—for that entity.

  • You may contact our Customer Support Team if you wish to increase your credit/deposit limit and/or read more information on the Account Types limits available on our website.

  • By accepting this Agreement, the Client has read, understood and accepted the “Leverage Levels” as these are stated in the Contract Specification, Client Account Types webpage and other documentation and relevant information found in the Trading Platform and the Company’s Website.

  • Additional Account Types Uniform Transfer to Minors (UTMA) Under the Uniform Transfers to Minors Act, the funds in the account are owned by the child who has unconditional use of the account when he or she reaches the age of majority.

  • Account Types & Salient Features:This information is accurate as of the date above.

  • Stop Out level for each type of account is provided at the Company's website in section "Account Types".

  • Fee for Adding Liquidity(All Account Types)Credit for Removing Liquidity(All Account Types) C.

  • The first digit in this component is used to designate the five major Account Types used in the Object component.

  • Account Types – Three types of Accounts in an Eligible Low Income Facility are covered by this tariff: a.

  • In the event that we expect to make changes or modifications in any of the features of any of the Account Types enumerated hereafter, the credit union will provide you with at least a 30- day written advance notice (which will be delivered electronically, if we have your email address).

Related to Account Types

  • Running Account Bill means a bill for the payment of "On Account" money to the Contractor during the progress of work on the basis of work done and the supply of non-perishable materials to be incorporated in the work.

  • Concentration Accounts has the meaning ascribed to it in Annex C.

  • Collections Account has the meaning given to such term in Section 3.01(a) hereof.

  • Funding Accounts has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 4.01(h).

  • Collection Accounts As defined in Section 3.10(a).

  • Deposit-type contract means contracts that do not incorporate mortality or morbidity risks and as may be specified in the valuation manual.

  • Lockbox Accounts means the accounts maintained by Borrower at the Lockbox Banks into which all collections or payments on their Accounts and other Collateral are paid.

  • Account Schedule means a computer file or microfiche list containing a true and complete list of Accounts, identified by account number, and setting forth, with respect to each Account, the aggregate amount outstanding in such Account (a) on the Initial Cut-Off Date (for the Account Schedule delivered on the Closing Date) and (b) on the applicable Addition Cut-Off Date (for any Account Schedule relating to Additional Accounts).

  • FIXED ACCOUNT is a separate investment account of ours into which purchase payments may be invested or Account Value may be transferred.

  • Lockbox Account shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.7.1 hereof.

  • Locked Box Accounts means the unaudited, aggregated balance sheet of the Group as at the Locked Box Date, in the agreed form;

  • JetBrains Account or “JBA” means an account at xxxxx:// created by Customer, having a unique name and password, and through which Customer has access to Products in accordance with a Toolbox Subscription.

  • Billing Account is the checking account from which all Service fees will be automatically debited.

  • Designated Accounts as used in any security agreement means both the Designated Accounts hereunder and the “Designated Accounts” in the comparable agreement entered into with respect to any other Pledgor.

  • Collection Account Bank means any of the banks or other financial institutions holding one or more Collection Accounts.

  • Blocked Accounts shall have the meaning set forth in Section 6.3 hereof.

  • Concentration Account has the meaning provided in Section 6.13(c).

  • Subsidy Account If the Trust Estate contains any Subsidy Loans, the deposit account or accounts created and maintained by the Servicer for deposit of Subsidy Funds and amounts payable under interest subsidy agreements relating to mortgage loans other than the Mortgage Loans.

  • Linked Account means any controlled disbursement account or other deposit account at any time linked to any of the Collection Accounts maintained at Truist Financial Corp. by a zero balance account connection or other automated funding mechanism.

  • Servicing Accounts The account or accounts created and maintained pursuant to Section 3.08.

  • Financing Accounts means, collectively, the Credit Account and the Grant Account (or, where the context so requires, either of the Credit Account or the Grant Account).”

  • User Account means an account under the name of the Customer in relation to the Service subscribed by the Customer.

  • Lock-Box Account With respect to any Mortgaged Property, if applicable, any account created pursuant to any documents relating to a Mortgage Loan or Serviced Loan Combination to receive rental or other income generated by the Mortgaged Property. Any Lock-Box Account shall be beneficially owned for federal income tax purposes by the Person who is entitled to receive the reinvestment income or gain thereon in accordance with the terms and provisions of the related Mortgage Loan or Serviced Loan Combination and Section 3.07 of this Agreement, which Person shall be taxed on all reinvestment income or gain thereon.

  • Concentration Account Bank shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 9.01(e)(i).