Academic degree definition

Academic degree means any associate degree, baccalaureate degree, master's degree, or doctoral degree regardless of the specific discipline in which it was awarded.
Academic degree means a Bachelor’s level degree, Master’s level degree or Doctoral level degree which is awarded by a university to a person who has completed the curriculum of the corresponding academic level and defended his or her final paper or passed the final examination and which is certified by a corresponding graduation document;
Academic degree means any associate, bachelor's, professional, master's, specialist or doctoral degree.

Examples of Academic degree in a sentence

  • Academic degree of Universities recognized by University Grants Commission (UGC).

  • Academic degree required for admission to first-level university master-class programs (or an equivalent program) is a Bachelor’s Degree; academic degree required for admission to second-level university master-class programs is a Master’s Degree, Single-Cycle Degree, or an equivalent degree.

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  • Academic degree programs include baccalaureate, professional, and graduate degrees of all types; certificates; and educator endorsements.

  • Academic degree status: A teacher with a doctor's degree will be retained over a teacher with a master's or a bachelor's degree; a teacher with a master's will be retained over a teacher with a bachelor's degree.

  • Academic degree training does not create an entitlement or benefit of employment and may be limited or precluded by the availability of funding.

  • In contrast, Organization, Academic degree and Country do not contribute.

  • College offerings Academic degree and certificate programs: The College offers a variety of instructional programs, including 71 AA, AS, AA-T and AS-T programs, including 32 CTE programs.

  • All international students must meet the following additional admissions requirements: • Submission of all Admissions Application materials:o Applicationo Résumé/Statement of Experienceo Two (2) Recommendationso Official transcripts – Academic degree and coursework from foreign universities and institutions must be equivalent to degrees earned and coursework completed at a regionally-accredited, nationally-accredited college in the United Sates.

  • Academic degree training is allowable when the current position occupied, or a different targeted position, is in the shortage category, and all other criteria are met.

More Definitions of Academic degree

Academic degree means any document issued or purported to be issued by any college, university, community college, trade or vocational school, high school or other secondary school, or any other educational institution that confers or purports to confer a qualification, records or purports to record success in examinations or successful completion of a course of study, or evidences or purports to evidence that the holder has completed and shown proficiency in a curriculum recognized as necessary to earn the academic degree, whether denominated as a degree, diploma, certificate, or other name.
Academic degree means any associate, bachelor’s, professional, master's, specialist or doctoral degree.

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