Baccalaureate Degree Sample Clauses

Baccalaureate Degree. A regular employee who has received a baccalaureate degree in nursing shall receive an additional one hundred dollars ($100.00) per month.
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Baccalaureate Degree. A Registered Nurse who has received a Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing and has completed four (4) months' continuous service shall be paid $120.57 per month, effective September 1, 2008.
Baccalaureate Degree. If the degree is in a discipline not related to the area of the consulting agreement, then equivalent professional experience as established by statement or professional credential attesting to three years experience in a field or specialty related to the consulting agreement is required. A ppendix 11A.3 000 Xxxxxx Xxxxxx
Baccalaureate Degree. Nurses who obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree after hire shall be moved to the appropriate title and will receive a one-time base pay increase of 2.8%. A nurse’s pay will not exceed the maximum of the pay range.
Baccalaureate Degree 

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  • Generelt A. Apple Inc. (“Apple”) giver hermed licenstager licens til at bruge Apples software samt tredjeparters software, dokumentation, grænseflader, indhold, skrifter og evt. data, som følger med denne licens, uanset om de forefindes som ROM (Read Only Memory) eller på andet medie (under et kaldet “Apple- software”) i henhold til betingelserne i denne licensaftale. Apple og/eller Apples licensgivere bevarer ejendomsretten til selve Apple-softwaren og forbeholder sig alle de rettigheder, som ikke udtrykkeligt er givet til licenstager.

  • Commercial Operation (i) On or before December 31, 2021, Interconnection Customer must demonstrate commercial operation of all generating units. Demonstrating commercial operation includes achieving Initial Operation in accordance with Section 1.4 of Appendix 2 to this ISA and making commercial sales or use of energy, as well as, if applicable, obtaining capacity qualification in accordance with the requirements of the Reliability Assurance Agreement Among Load Serving Entities in the PJM Region.

  • Quality Control A. Controlled Affiliate agrees to use the Licensed Marks and Name only in connection with the licensed services and further agrees to be bound by the conditions regarding quality control shown in attached Exhibit A as they may be amended by BCBSA from time-to-time.

  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control Contractor shall establish and maintain a quality assurance/quality control program which shall include procedures for continuous control of all construction and comprehensive inspection and testing of all items of Work, including any Work performed by Subcontractors, so as to ensure complete conformance to the Contract with respect to materials, workmanship, construction, finish, functional performance, and identification. The program established by Contractor shall comply with any quality assurance/quality control requirements incorporated in the Contract.

  • STATEWIDE ACHIEVEMENT TESTING When CONTRACTOR is a NPS, per implementation of Senate Bill 484, CONTRACTOR shall administer all Statewide assessments within the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (“CAASPP”), Desired Results Developmental Profile (“DRDP”), California Alternative Assessment (“CAA”), achievement and abilities tests (using LEA-authorized assessment instruments), the Fitness Gram, , the English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (“ELPAC”), and as appropriate to the student, and mandated by LEA pursuant to LEA and state and federal guidelines. CONTRACTOR is subject to the alternative accountability system developed pursuant to Education Code section 52052, in the same manner as public schools. Each LEA student placed with CONTRACTOR by the LEA shall be tested by qualified staff of CONTRACTOR in accordance with that accountability program. XXX shall provide test administration training to CONTRACTOR’S qualified staff. CONTRACTOR shall attend LEA test training and comply with completion of all coding requirements as required by XXX.

  • Cell Phone Employee shall be provided with a cell phone, with e-mail capabilities, at Board expense. As a condition of receipt of said cell phone, employee is expected to be reachable as necessary and appropriate by the Superintendent and Board President for the thorough and efficient operation of the School District. Incidental personal use shall be permitted. Employees shall have the option of being reimbursed for the use of a personal smartphone in the amount of fifty dollars ($50.00) per month instead of accepting a district cell phone. As a condition of this reimbursement, employee must a) be reasonably available at all times via the personal phone; and b) take reasonable measures to protect the confidentiality of student and staff information being transmitted to and through said phone.

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