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A-3. A-1-A," "A-M," "A-MFL," "A-J," "B," "C," "D," "E," "F," "G," "H," "J," "K," "L," "M," "N," "O," "P," "Q," "R," "S," "T," "LR" and "V," respectively. Any reference in any other section or subsection of this Agreement to any Certificate or Certificates preceded by a Class designation shall be to a Certificate or Certificates of the Class so designated in this Section 5.01(a).
A-3. Provide overflow roof drain at each roof drain shown as required per code.
A-3. Committee’ means the Advisory Committee provided for by ORS 406.210.

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A-3. Schedule "A" has been prepared on an unaudited basis as of July 26, 1996. Schedules "A-1" through "A-3" have been prepared as of July 31, 1996 and shall be updated through Closing.
A-3. A-4," "A-5" and "A-6" attached hereto (the "Expansion Premises").
A-3. A-4”, “A-5”, “A-6” and “B-4” (“BBCC Land”).
A-3. A-4," and "A-5" hereto; and
A-3 encroachment' means any activity or unauthorised occupation by any person of any class of land declared to be the property of Government under section 2 including but not limited to erection of any structure, unauthorised use of such land, raising of crops, extraction of minerals, taking away of usufructs, unauthorised collection of rent, compensation or any other charges from occupier thereof, sale or offer to sell, such land and the expressions “to encroach” and “the encroacher” shall be construed accordingly; and
A-3. A-4" and "A-5" attached hereto (the "Land"), including all of Seller's interest in and to all buildings, fences, fixtures, wells, corrals, chutes, squeeze chutes, pens, holding traps, range improvement practices and other structures and improvements of every kind and nature located on the Land (collectively, the "Improvements") which Land and Improvements shall be collectively known as the Real Property. For purposes of this Agreement, Real Property shall also include: All rights and hereditaments running with and appurtenant to the Land, including, without limitation, all appurtenant easements and rights of way and all of Seller's interest in adjacent highways, roads, streets, rights of way and easements. All ditch and ditch rights, reservoirs and reservoir rights, well and well rights, irrigation grandfathered water rights and surface and groundwater rights appurtenant to or used in connection with the Land and all water tanks, wells, pumps, well equipment, irrigation equipment, pivots, sumps and other pumps, situated on or used in connection with the Land. All zoning and development rights affecting the Land, including, without limitations, all Seller's rights in and under any deed restrictions, property owner's associations or master plan affecting the Real Property.