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A-3. Safe Handling of Product: Consistent with the responsibilities set forth in Section 18 of these General Terms (Hazard Warning Responsibility), Buyer acknowledges receipt of Seller’s Safety Data Sheet concerning NGL; acknowledges that NGL are hazardous materials; and represents and warrants that it is familiar with the properties of NGL and knowledgeable with respect to the safe handling procedures for the storage, handling, loading, unloading, transportation, and use of NGL. Buyer accepts full responsibility for informing its customers of the properties of and safe handling procedures for NGL.
A-3. A-1-A," "A-M," "A-J," "B," "C," "D," "E," "F," "X," "X," "X," "X," "L," "X," "X," "X," "X," "X," "LR," "V-1" and "V-2," respectively. Any reference in any other section or subsection of this Agreement to any Certificate or Certificates preceded by a Class designation shall be to a Certificate or Certificates of the Class so designated in this Section 5.01(a).
A-3 and “A-4,” (collectively, the “Initial 515 Premises”); and (ii) the space on the 37th Floor of the South Tower (as defined below), as shown on the floor plan attached hereto as Exhibit “A-5,” (“Suite 3700”). The “Premises” shall mean the Initial Premises and any other space in the Project added to the Initial Premises pursuant to the terms of this Lease. The “North Tower Premises” shall mean the portion of the Premises located in the North Tower and the “South Tower Premises” shall mean Suite 3700 and any other portion of the Premises located in the South Tower.

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A-3. “A-4”, “A-5”, “A-6” and “B-4” (“BBCC Land”).
A-3. The Project "B" The Work Letter "C" The Form of Acknowledgment of Term Commencement/Expiration Date "D" The Rules and Regulations "E" Landlord's Property List "F" The Form of Estoppel Certificate "G" The Environmental and Building Reports
A-3 encroachment' means any activity or unauthorised occupation by any person of any class of land declared to be the property of Government under section 2 including but not limited to erection of any structure, unauthorised use of such land, raising of crops, extraction of minerals, taking away of usufructs, unauthorised collection of rent, compensation or any other charges from occupier thereof, sale or offer to sell, such land and the expressions “to encroach” and “the encroacher” shall be construed accordingly; and
A-3. Space Plan for Lxxx 0 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx (xxxx xx Xxxxx 0 Premises)
A-3. Agent" or "Administrative Agent" shall mean NationsBank of Texas, N.A., as Administrative Agent for the Lenders pursuant to the Credit Agreement, or any successor agent appointed in accordance with the terms of the Credit Agreement.
A-3. Schedule "A" has been prepared on an unaudited basis as of July 26, 1996. Schedules "A-1" through "A-3" have been prepared as of July 31, 1996 and shall be updated through Closing.
A-3. Schematic Showing Shell Upgrades "A-4" Specifications of Selected Shell Items "A-5" Floor Plan Showing Tenant's Data Center Exhibit "B" Acknowledgment of Term Commencement Date Exhibit "C" Memorandum of Lease Exhibit "D" Nondisturbance and Attornment Agreements "D-1" Xxxxxxxx "X-0" Ground Lessor "D-3" Sub Ground Lessor Exhibit "E" Landlords' Estoppel Certificates "E-1" Xxxxxxxx "E-2" Ground Lessor "E-3" Sub Ground Lessor 3 Exhibit "F" Completion Guaranty Exhibit "G" Lead Items