IO definition

IO means a mutually agreed insertion order that incorporates these Terms, under which Media Company will deliver Ads on Sites for the benefit of Agency or Advertiser.
IO means an interest-only security, which is a type of stripped security. IO strips receive a specified portion of the interest on the underlying assets.
IO means input/output;

Examples of IO in a sentence

  • However, the IO pins should be high-impedance prior to the falling edge of the first data out clock.

  • The Quad I/O dramatically reduces instruction overhead allowing faster random access for code execution (XIP) directly from the Quad SPI.

  • Proposed instructional method: R - Lecture Provide a brief justification: This is a graduate level course in I/O Psychology designed for students seeking specialized training in this field.

  • It is difficult to write unit tests for network I/O, as such tests have to be concurrent.

  • Refer to Introduction to Sensor I/O Connectors/Sensor Controllers for details.

More Definitions of IO

IO means the Austrian Insolvency Act (Insolvenzordnung), as amended or replaced from time to time, and any references to relevant provisions of the IO in these Terms and Conditions include references to any applicable provisions of law amending or replacing such provisions from time to time.
IO means the Information Officer appointed as such by ENSafrica in terms of section 56 of POPIA and who will have the ultimate responsibility to ensure that ENSafrica complies with the provisions of POPIA;
IO means the information officer of the Organisation set out in item 1.3;
IO means input/output.
IO means an Investigating Officer appointed by the Monitoring Officer to investigate an alleged breach of the Code of Conduct
IO in these protocols, means intraosseous access. IO may be used by the EMT‐Intermediate, Critical Care, or Paramedic in any patient if an IV is not established within two attempts or 90 seconds and that patient has one of the following:
IO means an input or output from an instrumentation device or panel, which is either an analog signal, a digital signal, or an interlock;