WAVELENGTH Sample Clauses

WAVELENGTH. A. Exodus acknowledges that (i) the circuits used for the Wavelength Services are not protected by a restoration protocol within or external to the SONET frame structure, (ii) Global Crossing will not provide Wavelength Services using conventional SONET TDM add/drop multiplexers using a BLSR or UPSR or linear restoration protocol within or external to the SONET frame structure, and (iii) the interoperability of the individual circuits is dependent upon the joint interconnection of the interface between Global Crossing’s WDM system and Exodus’s source systems and facilities. Exodus’s source systems will operate within the conventional 1310nm and 1550nm passbands, using Short Reach, Intermediate Reach, or Long Reach optic, as defined in Telcordia GR-253-CORE. Except with Exodus’s prior written consent, Global Crossing will provide the Wavelength Services solely over Global Crossing’s facilities-based TDM / WDM network and fiber, equipment or other WDM service(s) owned or controlled by Global Crossing and its Affiliates.
WAVELENGTH. The refractive index detector must feature a LED with the same wavelength as the laser in the light scat-tering detector. Additionally, the wavelength of the dRI instrument must be changeable by the user; LEDsor other light sources must be available in order to change the wavelength of measurements in a matterof minutes to 660 nm, 690 nm, 633 nm, 488 nm and other standard values. The Optilab meets these requirements. The Optilab is equipped with a LED light source which operates at the same wavelength as the mini-XXXX XXXX detector (660 nm). The LED can be changed b the user or the Xxxxx Service. It is also possible to use light sources with other wavelength, such as 690 nm, 633 nm and 488 nm or others.
WAVELENGTH. Max Range Ref. (Greek lambda) Increase (nm) (nm) (Greek Alpha) (dB/km) ----- ------------------- --------------------- 1285-1330 1310 0.05 1525-1575 1550 0.05 The attenuation in a given wavelength range does not exceed the attenuation of the reference wavelength (Greek lambda) by more than the value (Greek alpha). The induced attenuation due to fiber wrapped around a mandrel of a specified diameter. - CABLE CUTOFF WAVELENGTH ((Greek lambda)ccf) (Greek lambda)ccf (less than) 1260 nm - MODE-FIELD DIAMETER 9.30 (plus/minus) 0.50 (Greek mu)m at 1310 nm 10.50 (plus/minus) 1.00 (Greek mu)m at 1550 nm - DISPERSION Zero Dispersion Wavelength ((Greek lambda)o): 1301.5 nm (less than/equal to) (Greek lambda) (less than or equal to 1321.5 nm Zero Dispersion Slope (So): (less than/equal to) 0.092 ps/(nm2 (times) km) Fiber Polarization Mode Dispersion Coefficient (PMD): (less than/equal to) 0.5 psec/(square root of)km Dispersion = D(Lambda): (approximately equal to) S (sub 0) divided by 4 [(Lambda) minus (Lambda) (base 0) (power of 4) divided by (Lambda) (cubed)] ps/nm X km), for 1200 nm (less than or equal to) Lambda (less than or equal to) 1600 nm (Lambda) = Operating Wavelength ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIFICATIONS INDUCED ENVIRONMENTAL TEXT ATTENUATION CONDITION (dB/km) Temperature Dependence (less than or equal to) 0.05 (less than or equal to) 0.05 -60(degrees) to + 85(degrees)C Temperature-Humidity Cycling (less than or equal to) 0.05 (less than or equal to) 0.05 -10(degrees)C to +85(degrees)C, up to 98% RH Water Immersion, 23(degrees)C (less than or equal to) 0.05 (less than or equal to) 0.05 Heat Aging, 85(degrees)C (less than or equal to) 0.05 (less than or equal to) 0.05 DIMENSIONAL SPECIFICATIONS Standard Length (km/reel): 2.2 - 25.0 GLASS GEOMETRY COATING GEOMETRY Fiber Curl: (less than or equal to) 2.0 m radius of curvature Coating Diameter: 245 (plus or minus) 10 (greek mu)m Cladding Diameter: 125.0 (plus or minus) 1.0 (greek mu)m Core-Clad Concentricity: (less than or equal to) 0.8 (greek mu)m Coating-Cladding Concentricity: < 12 (greek mu)m Cladding Non-Circularity: < 1.0% | Min. Cladding Diameter | Defined as: | 1- ------------------------ | x 100 | Max. Cladding Diameter |


  • Synchronous Generation The Interconnection Customer shall design its Small Generating Facility to maintain a composite power delivery at continuous rated power output at the Point of Interconnection at a power factor within the range of 0.95 leading to 0.95 lagging, unless the NYISO or the Transmission Owner in whose Transmission District the Small Generating Facility interconnects has established different requirements that apply to all similarly situated generators in the New York Control Area or Transmission District (as applicable) on a comparable basis, in accordance with Good Utility Practice.

  • Unbundled Channelization (Multiplexing) 5.7.1 To the extent NewPhone is purchasing DS1 or DS3 or STS-1 Dedicated Transport pursuant to this Agreement, Unbundled Channelization (UC) provides the optional multiplexing capability that will allow a DS1 (1.544 Mbps) or DS3 (44.736 Mbps) or STS-1 (51.84 Mbps) Network Elements to be multiplexed or channelized at a BellSouth central office. Channelization can be accomplished through the use of a multiplexer or a digital cross-connect system at the discretion of BellSouth. Once UC has been installed, NewPhone may request channel activation on a channelized facility and BellSouth shall connect the requested facilities via COCIs. The COCI must be compatible with the lower capacity facility and ordered with the lower capacity facility. This service is available as defined in NECA 4.

  • Signaling Each Party will provide the other Party with access to its databases and associated signaling necessary for the routing and completion of the other Party’s traffic in accordance with the provisions contained in the Unbundled Network Element Attachment or applicable access tariff.

  • Bandwidth the amount of data (quantified as “Mbps” or “Gbps”) made available to Customer as specified in a Service Order.

  • Speed The relative importance we attach is “high”.

  • Dark Fiber BellSouth agrees to offer access to Dark Fiber where the state commissions have required such access pursuant to the terms and conditions following and at the rates set forth in Attachment 11. The parties agree that Dark Fiber will be used in the provisioning of local service.

  • Switching All of the negotiated rates, terms and conditions set forth in this Section pertain to the provision of local and tandem switching.

  • SUBLOOPS 45.1. Sprint will offer unbundled access to copper subloops and subloops for access to multiunit premises wiring. Sprint will consider all requests for access to subloops through the ICB process due to the wide variety of interconnections available and the lack of standards. A written response will be provided to CLEC covering the interconnection time intervals, prices and other information based on the ICB process as set forth in this Agreement.

  • Local Switching 7.1 BellSouth shall provide non-discriminatory access to local circuit switching capability, and local tandem switching capability, on an unbundled basis, except as set forth below in Section 7.1.2 to Al-Call for the provision of a munications service. BellSouth shall provide non-discriminatory access to packet switching capability on an unbundled basis to Al-Call for the provision of a munications service only in the limited circumstance described below in Section 7.1.2.

  • Insulin Insulin will be treated as a prescription drug subject to a separate copay for each type prescribed.