UTC Sample Clauses

UTC. This Section 1.13 shall be deemed a separateVendor Agreementpursuant to the Universal Terms and Conditions (the “UTC” dated as of the Effective Date between LE and Sears, Xxxxxxx and Co., a New York corporation (“Sears”), Kmart Corporation (“Kmart”), Sears Brands Management Holding Corporation. The UTC, including all documents incorporated into the UTC by reference, is incorporated into this Section 1.13 by reference and only applies to this Section 1.13. This Agreement will control over the UTC if the terms of this Agreement contradict or are inconsistent with the terms of the UTC. All capitalized terms used but not defined in this Section 1.13 will have the meaning ascribed to them in the UTC. SHMC is entering into this Section 1.13 as the agent of Kmart.
UTC i. Any tardiness to understand this agreement will result in a late fee of no more than 0.5 “
UTC. The Los Angeles International Airport Use Terms and Conditions, as may be amended from time to time.
UTC. UTC means Co-ordinated Universal Time based on atomic clocks as distinct from Superseded Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
UTC. Viewed by Xxxxxx Xxxxx (xxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx) IP: Signed by Xxxxxx Xxxxx (xxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx) IP:
UTC. (a) will not; and (b) will ensure that each of its officers, employees or agents do not; and (c) will use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that each of its Subcontractors, and each of its Subcontractors’ officers, employees or agents, do not; make any statement, orally, in writing, or otherwise which conveys or implies or reasonably conveys or implies anything inconsistent with the Acknowledgements made in this Deed. 35.
UTC. 2.2 3.2 The other six days of the week, an Incrementalthe corresponding Differential Deposit must be submitted including objects that have been created, deleted or updated. Each of these files will be marked with the “inc” xxxx.xx Escrow Agent by 23:59 UTC.