Unsubscribe Sample Clauses

Unsubscribe. If at any time an end user elects to "unsubscribe" from NetCenter, as Netscape shall notify to N2K from time to time, N2K shall no longer communicate with such end user and shall remove any information about such end user from N2K's databases.
Unsubscribe. All outbound communications from Excite to end users registered for the Co-Branded Channels relating to the Co-Branded Channels must offer the end user the option of unsubscribing from the outbound communication either through the Co-Branded Channels or through Netcenter. In addition, Excite must offer the end user a central and consistent interface to unsubscribe, cancel, renew, or sign up for mutually selected advanced features which may be offered in the Co-Branded Channels. This central account management interface will be mutually designed by the parties. Excite must also offer end users a streamlined option for unsubscribing completely from the Co-Branded Channels.
Unsubscribe. 1. A member may withdraw from the membership in accordance with the procedures set forth by the Company.
Unsubscribe. To unsubscribe from our e-mail database, or opt out of communications, please contact us at the details below. For any questions or notice, please contact us at: Mountford Music ABN: 33 218 452 739 Email: sales@mountfordmusic.com.au Last update: 26 July 2018 I agree to the terms of this Hire Agreement as listed above. *
Unsubscribe. You must include our “Unsubscribe” function and a link to the CustomerGauge privacy policy in emails sent from the system. CustomerGauge Enterprise systems may be allowed to have a different setup when agreed in writing.

Related to Unsubscribe

Lost Warrants The Company represents and warrants to the Holder hereof that upon receipt of evidence reasonably satisfactory to the Company of the loss, theft, destruction, or mutilation of this Warrant and, in the case of any such loss, theft or destruction, upon receipt of an indemnity reasonably satisfactory to the Company, or in the case of any such mutilation upon surrender and cancellation of such Warrant, the Company, at its expense, will make and deliver a new Warrant, of like tenor, in lieu of the lost, stolen, destroyed or mutilated Warrant.
New Securities “New Securities” shall mean any Common Stock or Preferred Stock of the Company, whether now authorized or not, and rights, options or warrants to purchase such Common Stock or Preferred Stock, and securities of any type whatsoever that are, or may become, convertible or exchangeable into such Common Stock or Preferred Stock; provided, however, that the term “New Securities” does not include:
New Warrants This Warrant may be divided or combined with other Warrants upon presentation hereof at the aforesaid office of the Company, together with a written notice specifying the names and denominations in which new Warrants are to be issued, signed by the Holder or its agent or attorney. Subject to compliance with Section 4(a), as to any transfer which may be involved in such division or combination, the Company shall execute and deliver a new Warrant or Warrants in exchange for the Warrant or Warrants to be divided or combined in accordance with such notice. All Warrants issued on transfers or exchanges shall be dated the initial issuance date of this Warrant and shall be identical with this Warrant except as to the number of Warrant Shares issuable pursuant thereto.
Subscription Rights, Preferences or Privileges If the Company shall at any time offer or cause to be offered to the persons in whose names Stock is recorded on the books of the Company any rights, preferences or privileges to subscribe for or to purchase any securities or any rights, preferences or privileges of any other nature, such rights, preferences or privileges shall in each such instance be made available by the Depositary to the record holders of Receipts in such manner as the Depositary may determine, either by the issue to such record holders of warrants representing such rights, preferences or privileges or by such other method as may be approved by the Depositary in its discretion with the approval of the Company; provided, however, that (i) if at the time of issue or offer of any such rights, preferences or privileges the Depositary determines that it is not lawful or (after consultation with the Company) not feasible to make such rights, preferences or privileges available to holders of Receipts by the issue of warrants or otherwise, or (ii) if and to the extent so instructed by holders of Receipts who do not desire to execute such rights, preferences or privileges, then the Depositary, in its discretion (with approval of the Company, in any case where the Depositary has determined that it is not feasible to make such rights, preferences or privileges available), may, if applicable laws or the terms of such rights, preferences or privileges permit such transfer, sell such rights, preferences or privileges at public or private sale, at such place or places and upon such terms as it may deem proper. The net proceeds of any such sale shall, subject to Sections 3.1 and 3.2, be distributed by the Depositary to the record holders of Receipts entitled thereto as provided by Section 4.1 in the case of a distribution received in cash. If registration under the Securities Act of the securities to which any rights, preferences or privileges relate is required in order for holders of Receipts to be offered or sold the securities to which such rights, preferences or privileges relate, the Company will file promptly a registration statement pursuant to the Securities Act with respect to such rights, preferences or privileges and securities and use its best efforts and take all steps available to it to cause such registration statement to become effective sufficiently in advance of the expiration of such rights, preferences or privileges to enable such holders to exercise such rights, preferences or privileges. In no event shall the Depositary make available to the holders of Receipts any right, preference or privilege to subscribe for or to purchase any securities unless and until it has received written notice from the Company that such registration statement shall have become effective, or that the offering and sale of such securities to such holders are exempt from registration under the provisions of the Securities Act and the Company shall have provided to the Depositary an opinion of counsel reasonably satisfactory to the Depositary to such effect. If any other action under the laws of any jurisdiction or any governmental or administrative authorization, consent or permit is required in order for such rights, preferences or privileges to be made available to holders of Receipts, the Company will use its reasonable best efforts to take such action or obtain such authorization, consent or permit sufficiently in advance of the expiration of such rights, preferences or privileges to enable such holders to exercise such rights, preferences or privileges.
New Shares Stockholder agrees that any shares of Company Capital Stock that Stockholder purchases or with respect to which Stockholder otherwise acquires beneficial ownership after the date of this Agreement and prior to the Expiration Date (“New Shares”) shall be subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement to the same extent as if they constituted Shares.
Preemptive Right Except as provided in this Section 5.5 or as otherwise provided in a separate agreement by the Partnership, no Person shall have any preemptive, preferential or other similar right with respect to the issuance of any Partnership Interest, whether unissued, held in the treasury or hereafter created. The General Partner shall have the right, which it may from time to time assign in whole or in part to any of its Affiliates, to purchase Partnership Interests from the Partnership whenever, and on the same terms that, the Partnership issues Partnership Interests to Persons other than the General Partner and its Affiliates, to the extent necessary to maintain the Percentage Interests of the General Partner and its Affiliates equal to that which existed immediately prior to the issuance of such Partnership Interests.
Subscription Rights In case any stock or other securities of the Company are offered for subscription to the holders of shares of the Company deposited hereunder, the Trustees, promptly upon receipt of notice of such offer, shall mail or deliver a copy thereof to each registered holder of a Trust Certificate. If at least five (5) days prior to the last day on which such subscription can be made, the Trustee shall receive a request from any Trust Certificate holder to subscribe in his behalf for a stated amount of such stock or securities, together with the sum of money required to pay for the same, the Trustees shall make such subscription and the necessary payment, and upon receiving from the Company the stock or securities so subscribed for, shall issue to such Trust Certificate holder a new Trust Certificate in respect thereof if the same be voting shares, but if the same not be voting shares the Trustees shall mail or deliver the stock or securities received from the Company to the Trust Certificate holder in whose behalf the subscription is made or may instruct the Company to make delivery thereof directly to said Trust Certificate holder; provided, however, that if the aggregate amount of such stock or securities which the Trustees shall be so requested to subscribe for shall exceed the total amount which the Trustees have the right to subscribe for as shareholders of the Company under the terms of the Company’s offer, then the Trustees shall first, on behalf of each requesting Trust Certificate holder, subscribe for that amount which, under the terms of the Company’s offer, he would have had the right to subscribe for if he had held directly the number of shares represented by his Trust Certificate or Certificates; and any balance of such stock or securities then additionally available for subscription by the Trustees shall be subscribed for on behalf of each additionally requesting Trust Certificate holder in the proportion which the amount of his additional request bears to the total amount of additional requests received by the Trustees.
Preemptive Rights Such STOCKHOLDER does not have, or hereby waives, any preemptive or other right to acquire shares of COMPANY Stock or CSI Stock that such STOCKHOLDER has or may have had other than rights of any STOCKHOLDER to acquire CSI Stock pursuant to (i) this Agreement or (ii) any option granted by CSI.
Replacement Warrants If any mutilated Warrant is surrendered to the Warrant Agent or the Company and the Warrant Agent receives evidence to its satisfaction of the destruction, loss or theft of any Warrant, the Company shall issue and the Warrant Agent, upon receipt of a Warrant Countersignature Order, shall countersign a replacement Warrant if the Warrant Agent's requirements are met. If required by the Warrant Agent or the Company, an indemnity bond must be supplied by the Holder that is sufficient in the judgment of the Warrant Agent and the Company to protect the Company, the Warrant Agent, any Agent and any agent for purposes of the countersignature from any loss that any of them may suffer if a Warrant is replaced. The Company may charge for its expenses in replacing a Warrant. Every replacement Warrant is an additional warrant of the Company and shall be entitled to all of the benefits of this Warrant Agreement equally and proportionately with all other Warrants duly issued hereunder.
Insider Warrants The Company hereby acknowledges and agrees that, in the event the Company calls the Warrants for redemption pursuant to the Warrant Agreement, the Company shall allow the Initial Stockholders to pay the exercise price of any Warrants purchased pursuant to the Warrant Purchase Letters by surrendering the Warrant for that number of shares of Common Stock equal to the quotient obtained by dividing (x) the product of the number of shares of Common Stock underlying the Warrant, multiplied by the difference between the Warrant Price and the "Fair Market Value" (defined below) by (y) the Fair Market Value. The "Fair Market Value" shall mean the average reported last sale price of the Common Stock for the 10 trading days ending on the third business day prior to the date on which the notice of redemption is sent to holders of Warrant.