Transactions Consummated Sample Clauses

Transactions Consummated. The Dividend Payments, the Contributions and the Mergers, shall have been duly approved by the Board of Directors and (if required by applicable law) the shareholders and/or any other organizational bodies of the parties thereto, and all Reorganization Documents shall have been duly executed and delivered by the parties thereto 57 65 and shall be in full force and effect. The structure and all terms of the Dividend Payments, the Contribution and the Mergers and all Reorganization Documents shall be reasonably satisfactory in form and substance to the Administrative Agent. Each material condition precedent to the obligations of each Person party to the Reorganization Agreement to consummate the Mergers as set forth in the Reorganization Documents shall have been satisfied to the reasonable satisfaction of the Administrative Agent or waived with the consent of the Administrative Agent, and the Dividend Payments, the Contributions and the Mergers shall have been consummated in accordance with the Delaware General Corporation Law and the Delaware Limited Liability Company Act in all material respects and all other material requirements of applicable law (including the filing of the Certificates of Merger with the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware with respect to the First Step Merger and the Second Step Merger) and with the Reorganization Documents (without giving effect to any material amendment, modification or waiver with respect thereto unless consented to by the Administrative Agent).
Transactions Consummated. In the event that the Closing occurs prior to the Final Termination Date and except as may otherwise be specifically provided in this Agreement, each Party shall pay the fees and expenses of its counsel, accountants, investment bankers, brokers, finders and other advisors and all other expenses incurred by such Party incident to the negotiation, preparation, execution, delivery and performance of this Agreement and the consummation of the transactions contemplated hereby.
Transactions Consummated. If the transactions contemplated by this Agreement to occur on the Closing Date are consummated, each Owner Participant will pay a pro rata share of Transaction Expenses equal to the product of such Owner Participant's Percentage Interest and the aggregate amount of all Transaction Expenses, which Transaction Expenses (other than the fees and disbursements of Owner Participant's Special Counsel) shall be subject to the reasonable approval of Lessee prior to payment thereof.

Related to Transactions Consummated

  • Consummation of the Transaction Each Party shall, as promptly as is reasonably practicable, diligently and in good faith use all commercially reasonable efforts to (a) cause the closing conditions in this Agreement to be satisfied, (b) defend any lawsuits or other legal proceedings, whether judicial or administrative, challenging this Agreement, (c) obtain all necessary consents, approvals or waivers from Third Persons, and (d) coordinate and cooperate with the other Party in providing such information and supplying such assistance as may be reasonably requested by such other Party in connection with the foregoing. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, each Party shall use commercially reasonable efforts promptly to obtain all authorizations, consents, Orders and approvals of, and to give all notices to and make all filings with, all Governmental Authorities and other Persons that may be or become necessary or advisable for its performance of its obligations under this Agreement and shall cooperate fully with each other Party in promptly seeking to obtain all such authorizations, consents, Orders and approvals, give such notices, and make such filings. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, Contributor shall use its commercially reasonable efforts to (i) cause the closing conditions set forth in Section 6.3(d) and Section 6.3(e) to be satisfied and (ii) provide the Partnership with timely updates (and in any event, no less than weekly) with respect to its progress in satisfying such conditions. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, including this Section 5.1 and Section 5.2, in no event shall either Party be required hereunder to, or to cause or use commercially reasonable or other efforts to cause any other Person to, waive or amend any rights under or provisions of this Agreement or any related Contracts. If a Party or any of its Affiliates intends to participate in any meeting or discussion with any Governmental Authority with respect to such filings, it shall give the other Party reasonable prior notice of, and an opportunity to participate in, such meeting or discussion.

  • Acquisition Transactions The Company shall provide the holder of this Warrant with at least twenty (20) days’ written notice prior to closing thereof of the terms and conditions of any of the following transactions (to the extent the Company has notice thereof): (i) the sale, lease, exchange, conveyance or other disposition of all or substantially all of the Company’s property or business, or (ii) its merger into or consolidation with any other corporation (other than a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company), or any transaction (including a merger or other reorganization) or series of related transactions, in which more than 50% of the voting power of the Company is disposed of.

  • Transactions identified under Section 2 of this Agreement shall be deemed exception services ("Exception Services") when such transactions:

  • Consummation of the Merger As soon as practicable after the Closing, the parties hereto shall cause the Merger to be consummated by filing with the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware a certificate of merger or other appropriate documents (in any such case, the “Certificate of Merger”) in such form as required by, and executed in accordance with, the relevant provisions of the DGCL and shall make all other filings or recordings required under the DGCL. The Merger shall become effective at such time as the Certificate of Merger is duly filed with such Secretary of State, or at such later time as Parent and the Company shall agree and specify in the Certificate of Merger (the time and date the Merger becomes effective being the “Effective Time” and “Effective Date,” respectively).

  • Contemplated Transactions “Contemplated Transactions” shall mean the Merger and the other transactions contemplated by the Agreement.

  • Off-Exchange Transactions Transactions in off-exchange warrants may involve greater risk than dealing in exchange traded warrants because there is no exchange market through which to liquidate the Investment Adviser’s position or to assess the value of the warrant or the exposure to risk. Bid and offer prices need not be quoted, and even where they are, they will be established by dealers in these instruments and consequently it may be difficult to establish what a fair price is. The Investment Adviser should only permit the Local Manager in the Investment Guidelines to invest a Portfolio in off-exchange warrants if the Investment Adviser is fully aware of the risks involved.

  • Closing Transactions On the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in this Agreement, the following transactions shall occur in the order set forth in this Section 2.1:

  • CONDITIONS TO CONSUMMATION OF THE MERGER Section 5.1. Conditions to Each Party's Obligations to Effect the Merger. The respective obligations of each party hereto to effect the Merger are subject to the satisfaction at or prior to the Effective Time of the following conditions:

  • Hostile Acquisitions Directly or indirectly use the proceeds of any Loan in connection with the acquisition of part or all of a voting interest of five percent or more in any corporation or other business entity if such acquisition is opposed by the board of directors or management of such corporation or business entity.

  • Consummation of Acquisition Concurrently with the making of the initial Loans, (i) the Buyer shall have purchased pursuant to the Acquisition Documents (no provision of which shall have been amended or otherwise modified or waived in a manner that is materially adverse to the Lenders’ interests) without the prior written consent of the Agents), and shall have become the owner, free and clear of all Liens, of all of the Acquisition Assets, (ii) the proceeds of the initial Loans shall have been applied in full to pay a portion of the Purchase Price payable pursuant to the Acquisition Documents for the Acquisition Assets and the closing and other costs relating thereto, and (iii) the Buyer shall have fully performed all of the obligations to be performed by it under the Acquisition Documents.