Timeliness of Documentation Sample Clauses

Timeliness of Documentation. As has been stated throughout these instructions, the MOST IMPORTANT element of a successful claims pursuit and recovery program is the surveyor’s documentation, which is based upon the analyses of cargo at the time the ocean carrier’s liability ends (e.g., ex-ship’s tackle or upon delivery at inland destination. This is especially true in documenting a claim for unfitness. Survey reports should state that a certain quantity of cargo is suspected as being unfit for human consumption. If possible, cargo should be viewed and analyzed by proper authorities while in vessel holds, and then again immediately upon discharge. If port conditions or customs do not allow for such prompt viewing, analyses should be made as soon as possible after discharge. In cases where the surveyor notes that cargoes are damaged on board the vessel, and where such cargoes are later declared unfit for human consumption, a cause-effect relationship exists between carrier damage and declaration of unfitness. The key to this cause-effect relationship is the time involved between discharge and the declaration of unfitness.

Related to Timeliness of Documentation

  • Review of Documentation The Depositor, by execution and delivery hereof, acknowledges receipt of the Mortgage Files pertaining to the Mortgage Loans listed on the Mortgage Loan Schedule, subject to review thereof by U.S. Bank National Association, as the custodian (the “Custodian”) for the Depositor. The Custodian is required to review, within 45 days following the Closing Date, each Mortgage File. If in the course of such review the Custodian identifies any Material Defect, the Seller shall be obligated to cure such Material Defect or to repurchase the related Mortgage Loan from the Depositor (or, at the direction of and on behalf of the Depositor, from the Trust Fund), or to substitute a Qualifying Substitute Mortgage Loan therefor, in each case to the same extent and in the same manner as the Depositor is obligated to the Trustee and the Trust Fund under Section 2.02(c) of the Trust Agreement.

  • Approval of Documentation The form and substance of all certificates, instruments and other documents delivered to Buyer under this Agreement shall be satisfactory in all reasonable respects to Buyer and its counsel.

  • Delivery of Documentation Contractor shall deliver to County or its designee, at County’s request, all documentation and data related to County, including, but not limited to, the County Data and client files, held by Contractor, and Contractor shall destroy all copies thereof not turned over to County, all at no charge to County. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Contractor may retain one (1) copy of the documentation and data, excluding County Data, for archival purposes or warranty support.

  • Medical Documentation The teacher must supply a letter from a medical 3 doctor, who treated the patient, stating that in his/her opinion, there is a strong 4 probability that the illness was contracted at school.

  • Innovative Scheduling Schedules which are inconsistent with the Collective Agreement provisions may be developed in order to improve quality of working life, support continuity of resident care, ensure adequate staffing resources, and support cost-efficiency. The parties agree that such innovative schedules may be determined locally by the Home and the Union subject to the following principles:

  • Reuse of Documents All documents, drawings, sketches, studies, analysis, information, schedules, estimates, reports and other items prepared or furnished by TRANSYSTEMS (or TRANSYSTEMS’ independent professional associates and CONSULTANTS) pursuant to this Agreement, including, but not limited to Drawings and Specifications, are instruments of service in respect of the Project and TRANSYSTEMS shall retain an ownership and property interest therein whether or not the Project is completed. Provided, however, that such documents, drawings, sketches, studies, analysis, information, schedules, estimates, reports and other items are not intended or represented to be suitable for reuse by CLIENT or others on extensions of the Project or on any other project. Any reuse without written verification or adaptation by TRANSYSTEMS for the specific purpose intended will be at CLIENT’s sole risk and without liability or legal exposure to TRANSYSTEMS, or to TRANSYSTEMS’ independent professional associates or CONSULTANTS, and CLIENT does hereby, to the fullest extent permitted by law, indemnify and hold harmless TRANSYSTEMS, TRANSYSTEMS’ officers, employees and agents and TRANSYSTEMS’ independent professional associates and CONSULTANTS from all claims, suits, demands, damages, liabilities, losses, expenses and costs, including but not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees and other costs of defense, arising out of or resulting therefrom. The provisions of this Section 7.2 shall survive the termination of this Agreement.

  • Review of Documents Borrower has reviewed: (a) the Note, (b) the Security Instrument, (c) the Commitment Letter, and (d) all other Loan Documents.

  • Licensed Documentation If commercially available, Licensee shall have the option to require the Contractor to deliver, at Contractor’s expense: (i) one (1) hard copy and one (1) master electronic copy of the Documentation in a mutually agreeable format; (ii) based on hard copy instructions for access by downloading from the Internet

  • Technical Documentation Prior to commencement of the Tests on Completion, the Contractor shall supply to the Engineer the technical documentation as specified in the Employer’s Requirements. The Works or Section shall not be considered to be completed for the purposes of taking- over under sub-clause 10.1 [Taking Over of the Works and Sections] until the Engineer has received the technical documentation as defined in this sub-clause 5.7, the "history file" including design calculations and certain certification as well as any other documents required to meet the CE Marking requirements.

  • Furnishing of Documents The Owner Trustee shall furnish to the Certificateholders, promptly upon receipt of a written request therefor, duplicates or copies of all reports, notices, requests, demands, certificates, financial statements and any other instruments furnished to the Owner Trustee under the Basic Documents.