The Target Companies Sample Clauses

The Target Companies. 7.1 Each of the Target Companies is a company duly established and validly existing under the laws of the Russian Federation. Each of the Target Companies has requisite power and authority to own the assets it now owns and conduct its business as is now being conducted.
The Target Companies. 4.2 (a) No Target Company has outstanding any borrowing or indebtedness in the nature of borrowing (including, without limitation, any indebtedness for moneys borrowed or raised under any acceptance credit, bond, note, bill of exchange or commercial paper, finance lease, hire purchase agreement, trade bills (other than those on terms normally obtained), forward sale or purchase agreement or conditional sale agreement or other transaction having the commercial effect of a borrowing) other than:
The Target Companies. (a) The Target Companies are those listed in Section 3.4(a) of the Seller Disclosure Letter, all of which are companies duly incorporated and validly existing under the Laws of the jurisdiction in which they were incorporated and have the requisite corporate power and authority to own, lease and operate their properties and to carry on their Businesses as now being conducted.
The Target Companies. The Czech Republic: Fiat Professional and JeepHungary: Fiat Professional and Jeep − Slovakia: Fiat Professional and Jeep
The Target Companies. As at the date of this announcement, the entire issued share capital of each Target Company is indirectly owned by the Company through Gamma or Gamma I. Based on the unaudited consolidated financial statements of Gamma and Gamma I prepared in accordance with Chinese Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, aligned to International Financial Reporting Standards, the unaudited net profits attributable to the Target Companies and their subsidiaries before and after taxation and extraordinary items for the two years ended 31 December 2020 and 31 December 2021 are: The unaudited consolidated net asset value of the Target Companies and their subsidiaries as at 30 June 2022 was approximately RMB1.6 billion. Upon completion of the Portfolio Share Transfer, each Target Company will be indirectly wholly-owned by JV HoldCo and will cease to be a subsidiary of the Company.Based on the difference between the Portfolio Share Transfer Price and the estimated aggregate net asset value of the Target Companies upon the Portfolio Closing Date, the Group expects to recognise an estimated gain on disposal of approximately RMB264.7 million in connection with the Portfolio Share Transfer. The sale proceeds to be received by the Group pursuant to the Portfolio SPA will predominantly be used as capital return to the Group.
The Target Companies 

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  • GROUP COMPANIES Guangzhou Yatsen Pet Products Co., Ltd. (广州逸仙宠物用品有限公司) (Seal) By: /s/ Yuwen Chen Name: CHEN Yuwen (陈宇文) Title: Legal Representative Perfect Diary Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. (完美日记科技(广州)有限公司) (Seal) By: /s/ Jinfeng Huang Name: HUANG Jinfeng (黄锦峰) Title: Legal Representative Yiyan (Shanghai) Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (逸妍(上海)化妆品有限公司) (Seal) By: /s/ Jianhua Lyu Name: LYU Jianhua (吕建华) Title: Legal Representative Guangzhou Yatsen Logistics Co., Ltd. (广州逸仙物流有限公司) (Seal) By: /s/ Jianhua Lyu Name: LYU Jianhua (吕建华) Title: Legal Representative

  • The Business The parties acknowledge that the Company is engaged in the development, marketing and sale of certain proprietary technologies, processes and related products in the areas of chemical detection, technical processes, and technical/business services, and that the Company may also from time to time become or may intend to become engaged in other business endeavors (individually and collectively, the "BUSINESS"). The Company shall be deemed to intend to become engaged in a business endeavor if it has devoted or expended any significant resources, either financial or human resources, towards the proposed endeavor, either in planning or implementing the undertaking of such planned endeavor.

  • Buyer APPLE NINE HOSPITALITY OWNERSHIP, INC., a Virginia corporation By: /s/ Justin G. Knight Name: Justin G. Knight Title: President

  • Seller First Horizon Home Loan Corporation, a Kansas corporation, and its successors and assigns, in its capacity as seller of the Mortgage Loans.