Commercial Paper Sample Clauses

Commercial Paper. Commercial Paper with a rating of at least P-1 by Moody’s and at least A-1+ by S&P and having a remaining maturity of not more than 30 days. * * * *
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Commercial Paper. In respect of any Tranche of Notes having a maturity of less than one year, the Issuer will issue such Notes only if the following conditions apply (or the Notes can otherwise be issued without contravention of Section 19 of the FSMA):
Commercial Paper. Each Conduit Lender confirms that, to the extent permitted by its commercial paper program documentation, it intends to fund all Loans hereunder through the issuance of its Commercial Paper at all times prior to the occurrence of a Liquidity Event, the termination date specified in its Liquidity Agreement, an Event of Default or certain other circumstances occurring in the financial or Commercial Paper markets in general or with respect to the Loan Documents, or any Borrower Party in particular which, in the opinion of such, Conduit Lender or its Funding Agent or Administrator, make funding the Loans through the issuance of Commercial Paper reasonably inadvisable.
Commercial Paper. The Fund can invest in commercial paper if it is rated within the top two rating categories of Standard & Poor's and Moody's. If the paper is not rated, it may be purchased if issued by a company having a credit rating of at least "AA" by Standard & Poor's or "Aa" by Moody's. The Fund can buy commercial paper, including U.S. dollar-denominated securities of foreign branches of U.S. banks, issued by other entities if the commercial paper is guaranteed as to principal and interest by a bank, government or corporation whose certificates of deposit or commercial paper may otherwise be purchased by the Fund.
Commercial Paper. Prime commercial paper with maturities of less than one year; and
Commercial Paper. In respect of any Tranche of Covered Bonds that has a maturity of less than one year from the applicable Issue Date, the Issuer will issue such Covered Bonds only if the following conditions apply (or the Covered Bonds can otherwise be issued without contravention of Section 19 of the FSMA):
Commercial Paper. Commercial paper issued by any entity organized in the United States rated at least (i) A-1 or the equivalent thereof by S&P and (ii) P-1 or the equivalent thereof by Xxxxx’x and maturing not more than one year after the date of acquisition. 98%.
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Commercial Paper. Securities bearing interest or sold at a discount issued by any corporation incorporated under the laws of the United States or any State so long as at the time of such investment or contractual commitment providing for such investment either the long-term, unsecured debt of such corporation has the highest available ratings from any two national rating agencies or the Titling Trustee shall have received a letter from any such rating agency that then rates any Trust-Related Obligation to the effect that such investment would not result in the qualification, downgrading or withdrawal of the rating then assigned to such Trust-Related Obligation, or commercial paper or other short-term debt rated by any national rating agency in one of its two highest rating categories.
Commercial Paper. (a) The Company may issue Commercial Paper from time to time, including sales of Commercial Paper through one or more of the Banks acting as placement agent pursuant to separate agreements between the Company and such Bank or Banks. The aggregate face amount of all outstanding Commercial Paper (but not including for this purpose any Nicolet Funding Corp. Loans) shall not at any time exceed the lesser of (i) $60,000,000 and (ii) the amount by which (A) the sum of (1) the Aggregate Commitment and (2) the Demand Line in effect from time to time, exceeds (B) the sum of (1) the outstanding principal amount of loans made pursuant to sections 1.1 and 1.2, (2) the aggregate amount of Letter of Credit Obligations and (3) the outstanding principal amount of all Nicolet Funding Corp. Loans. No Commercial Paper shall have a term to maturity greater than 100 days.
Commercial Paper. The Company will not, and will not permit any Restricted Subsidiary to, issue commercial paper unless the obligations of the Company or such Restricted Subsidiary with respect to such commercial paper are backed by a Letter of Credit Facility.
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