Tennessee Sample Clauses

Tennessee. The policy is hereby amended for Tennessee as follows:
Tennessee. If Participant’s primary work location is in Tennessee as of the date Participant’s employment with the Company ceases, Sections 3 and 4 of this Restrictive Covenants Addendum will prohibit Participant from engaging in the conduct described only in the “Restricted Territory.”
Tennessee. The following Tennessee provision is not intended to, and does not, limit the express choice of New York law set forth in Section 9.3 of this Agreement and as set forth in the other Loan Documents, and are set forth herein, if and to the extent that, notwithstanding the choice of law provisions contained in this Agreement and the other Loan Documents, Tennessee law is held to govern any Mortgage encumbering a Property located in Tennessee or any other Loan Document:
Tennessee. This Agreement is being delivered and is intended to be performed in the State of Tennessee and, to the extent not governed by the laws of the United States of America, shall be construed and enforced in accordance with and governed by the laws of such State.
Tennessee. (u) In addition to the general suitability requirements described above, my/our maximum investment in Common Shares and Lightstone Value Plus REIT III’s affiliates shall not exceed 10% of my/our net worth. Owner Co-Owner Because the minimum offering of our Common Shares is less than $150.0 million, Pennsylvania and New York investors are cautioned to carefully evaluate our ability to fully accomplish our stated objectives. Owner Signature: Date: Co-Owner Signature: Date: Signature of Custodian(s) or Trustee(s) (if applicable). Current Custodian must sign if investment is for an XXX account Authorized Signature (Custodian or Trustee) Date: WE INTEND TO ASSERT THE FOREGOING REPRESENTATIONS AS A DEFENSE IN ANY SUBSEQUENT LITIGATION WHERE SUCH ASSERTION WOULD BE RELEVANT. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO ACCEPT OR REJECT THIS SUBSCRIPTION IN WHOLE OR IN PART, SO LONG AS SUCH PARTIAL ACCEPTANCE OR REJECTION DOES NOT RESULT IN AN INVESTMENT OF LESS THAN THE MINIMUM AMOUNT SPECIFIED IN THE PROSECTUS. AS USED ABOVE, THE SINGULAR INCLUDES THE PLURAL IN ALL RESPECTS IF COMMON SHARES ARE BEING ACQUIRED BY MORE THAN ONE PERSON. AS USED IN THIS SUBSCRIPTION AGREEMENT, “LIGHTSTONE” REFERS TO LIGHTSTONE VALUE PLUS REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST III, INC. AND ITS AFFILIATES. THIS SUBSCRIPTION AGREEMENT AND ALL RIGHTS HEREUNDER SHALL BE GOVERNED BY, AND INTERPRETED IN ACCORDANCE WITH, THE LAWS OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK. By executing this Subscription Agreement, the subscriber is not waiving any rights under federal or state law.
Tennessee. 31.1. The Executive branch agencies of the State, including:
Tennessee. Unless otherwise defined herein, terms used in Articles 8 and 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code in the State of Tennessee are used herein as therein defined.
Tennessee. If Tennessee law applies, then the non-solicitation obligations in Paragraphs 5(a), 5(b), and 5(d) shall not apply to Prospective Customers or Prospective Suppliers.
Tennessee. To the extent the Mortgaged Property is situated in the State of Tennessee, the following provisions shall apply in addition to all other rights and remedies hereunder: Upon the occurrence of an Event of Default and at the request of Beneficiary, Trustee, or his successor or substitute, after publishing notice of the time and place of sale at least three (3) different times in some newspaper published in a county in which the Mortgaged Property is located, the first of which publications shall be at least twenty (20) days prior to said sale, shall proceed to sell the Mortgaged Property, at public auction for cash. Any sale made by Trustee hereunder may be as an entirety or in such parcels as Beneficiary may request. To the extent permitted by applicable Laws, any sale may be adjourned by announcement at the time and place appointed for such sale without further notice except as may be required by applicable Laws. The sale by Trustee of less than the whole of the Mortgaged Property shall not exhaust the power of sale herein granted, and Trustee is specifically empowered to make successive sale or sales under such power until the whole of the Mortgaged Property shall be sold; and, if the proceeds of such sale of less than the whole of the Mortgaged Property shall be less than the aggregate of the indebtedness secured hereby and the expense of executing this trust as provided herein, this Deed of Trust and the lien hereof shall remain in full force and effect as to the unsold portion of the Mortgaged Property just as though no sale had been made; provided, however, that Grantor shall never have any right to require the sale of less than the whole of the Mortgaged Property but Beneficiary shall have the right, at its sole election, to request Trustee to sell less than the whole of the Mortgaged Property. Trustee may, after any request or direction by Beneficiary, sell not only the real property but also the Personalty and other interests which are a part of the Mortgaged Property, or any part thereof, as a unit and as a part of a single sale, or may sell any part of the Mortgaged Property separately from the remainder of the Mortgaged Property. It shall not be necessary for Trustee to have taken possession of any part of the Mortgaged Property or to have present or to exhibit at any sale any of the Personalty. If the Mortgaged Property is located in two or more counties, it may all be sold in one of the counties if Trustee so elects. Otherwise, the sale shall ...
Tennessee. Lakecrest Title, LLC TN limited liability company Primacy Relocation, LLC TN limited liability company