RTO Sample Clauses

RTO. An independent entity that complies with Order No. 2000 and FERC’s corresponding regulations (or an entity that complies with all such requirements except for the scope and regional configuration requirements), as determined by the FERC. Schedule 22 Large Generator Interconnection Agreement. The interconnection agreement included in Schedule 22 of the ISO OATT. Schedule 23 Small Generator Interconnection Agreement. The interconnection agreement included in Schedule 23 of the ISO OATT.
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RTO. In connection with the Conversion, Lender agrees to take such action as is necessary such that Pubco shall issue to the pre-Conversion shareholders of Borrower 40,000 subordinate voting shares (determined by 1,000,000 divided by $25.00 per share) or, if requested by Pubco to maintain foreign private issuer status, proportionate voting shares in Pubco (the “In- Kind Payment”). The In-Kind Payment will be conditioned on Borrower’s pre-Conversion shareholders’ execution of such subscription or other stock agreements as Pubco shall reasonably request, which agreements will contain such terms and provisions as are customary for an issuance of this type and which are required by Pubco in its reasonable opinion. For purposes of this Agreement, “RTO Transaction” shall mean Lender’s pending listing on the Canadian stock exchange through a multi-step reorganization/reverse takeover transaction or otherwise, the end result of which is that equity holders of Lender shall have exchanged all of such equity in Lender for shares of stock of a public company on the Canadian stock exchange (“Pubco”). Notwithstanding any provision of this Agreement to the contrary, the terms of this Section 2.8 shall survive the satisfaction by the Borrower of its Obligations and shall remain in effect for a period of ten (10) years from the date hereof. ARTICLE 3
RTO. The Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for the Vendor System is 4 hours.
RTO. RTO hereby agree to indemnify and defend Mr. Xxxx xxx to hold Mr. Xxxx xxxlly harmless from and against any and all losses, liabilities, damages, deficiencies, costs (including, without limitation, court costs), and expenses (including, without limitation, attorneys' fees) incurred by Mr. Xxxx xx any Related Person and arising out of or due to any breach of any representation, warranty, covenant or agreement of RTO contained in this Agreement.
RTO. An independent entity that complies with Order No. 2000 and FERC’s corresponding regulations (or an entity that complies with all such requirements except for the scope and regional configuration requirements), as determined by the FERC.
RTO. Seller acknowledges and agrees that Buyer's current intention is to cause all of the membership and other interests of Recovery Technology Operations, LLC, an Illinois limited liability company, held by RTG to be transferred to Holdco 2 LLC after the Closing.

Related to RTO

  • Disposition Services The Manager shall:

  • Data Acquisition The acquisition of data to realistically simulate the electrical behavior of system components is a fundamental requirement for the development of a reliable interconnected transmission system. Therefore, the TSP and the Generator shall be required to submit specific information regarding the electrical characteristics of their respective facilities to each other as described below in accordance with ERCOT Requirements.

  • Interconnection 2.1.10 Startup Testing and Commissioning

  • Transactional Services The Service Provider shall communicate to its Customers, as to shares of the Fund, purchase, redemption and exchange orders reflecting the orders it receives from its Customers or from any brokers and banks for their Customers. The Service Provider shall also communicate to beneficial owners holding through it, and to any brokers or banks for beneficial owners holding through them, as to shares of the Fund, mergers, splits and other reorganization activities, and require any broker or bank to communicate such information to its Customers.

  • Processing Transactions 2 2.1 Timely Pricing and Orders.................................... 2 2.2

  • Third Party Foreign Exchange Transactions The Custodian shall process foreign exchange transactions (including without limitation contracts, futures, options, and options on futures), where any third party acts as principal counterparty to the Trust on the same basis, if any, that it performs duties as agent for the Trust with respect to any other of the Trust’s investments. Accordingly, the Custodian shall only be responsible for delivering or receiving currency on behalf of the Trust in respect of such contracts pursuant to Written Instructions. The Custodian shall not be responsible for the failure of any counterparty (including any Sub-custodian) in such agency transaction to perform its obligations thereunder. The Custodian (a) shall transmit cash and Written Instructions to and from the currency broker or banking institution with which a foreign exchange contract or option has been executed pursuant hereto, (b) may make free outgoing payments of cash in the form of Dollars or foreign currency without receiving confirmation of a foreign exchange contract or option or confirmation that the countervalue currency completing the foreign exchange contract has been delivered or received or that the option has been delivered or received, (c) may, in connection with cash payments made to third party currency broker/dealers for settlement of the Trust’s foreign exchange spot or forward transactions, foreign exchange swap transactions and similar foreign exchange transactions, process settlements using the banking facilities selected by Custodian from time to time according to such banking facilities standard terms, and (d) shall hold all confirmations, certificates and other documents and agreements received by the Custodian and evidencing or relating to such foreign exchange transactions in safekeeping. The Trust accepts full responsibility for its use of third-party foreign exchange dealers and for execution of said foreign exchange contracts and options and understands that the Trust shall be responsible for any and all costs and interest charges which may be incurred by the Trust or the Custodian as a result of the failure or delay of third parties to deliver foreign exchange.

  • Consolidations, Mergers and Sales of Assets No Loan Party will, nor will it permit any Subsidiary of a Loan Party to, consolidate or merge with or into, or sell, lease or otherwise transfer all or any substantial part of its assets to, any other Person, or discontinue or eliminate any business line or segment, provided that (a) a Loan Party may merge with another Person if (i) such Person was organized under the laws of the United States of America or one of its states, (ii) the Loan Party is the corporation surviving such merger, (iii) immediately after giving effect to such merger, no Default shall have occurred and be continuing, and (iv) if the Borrower merges with another Loan Party, the Borrower is the corporation surviving such merger, (b) Subsidiaries of a Loan Party (excluding Loan Parties) may merge with one another, (c) a Loan Party (other than the Borrower or an Eligible Guarantor) may transfer all or any part of its assets to another Loan Party, (d) a Loan Party may sell Inventory in the ordinary course of business and for fair value, and (e) the foregoing limitation on the sale, lease or other transfer of assets and on the discontinuation or elimination of a business line or segment shall not prohibit, during any Fiscal Quarter, a transfer of assets or the discontinuance or elimination of a business line or segment (in a single transaction or in a series of related transactions) unless the aggregate assets to be so transferred or utilized in a business line or segment to be so discontinued, when combined with all other assets transferred (excluding assets transferred under Sections 5.17(d)), and all other assets utilized in all other business lines or segments discontinued, during such Fiscal Quarter and the immediately preceding three Fiscal Quarters have a fair market value or book value whichever is greater (determined with respect to each such asset transferred or discontinued) of more than $20,000,000.

  • Acquisition Services (i) Serve as the Company’s investment and financial advisor and provide relevant market research and economic and statistical data in connection with the Company’s assets and investment objectives and policies;

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