RFC Sample Clauses

RFC. All comments and suggestions from Contractors regarding Authorized User Specifications and other information posted for an RFC shall be directed via phone or email to the contacts identified on the RFC posting.
RFC. Rurban Financial Corp., an Ohio corporation having a place of business at 000 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Defiance, Ohio
RFC. The RFC for a particular Active Field may recommend to the EC that the research activities with respect to a particular Active Project should be terminated. If the EC approves such a termination, the RFC for the applicable Active Field shall rebudget all remaining Active Projects within the Active Field. Any Active Project terminated by the applicable RFC shall be deemed an Inactive Project.
RFC. Each of NFLP, the Master Servicer and the Series 1997-1 Collateral Agent (solely in its capacity as such), hereby covenants and agrees that it will not, and the Master Servicer will cause the Lessees not to, prior to the date which is one year and one day after the payment in full of the latest maturing Commercial Paper Notes, institute against, or join with any other Person in instituting against, RFC, any bankruptcy, reorganization,

Related to RFC

  • Depositor Structured Asset Securities Corporation, a Delaware corporation having its principal place of business in New York, or its successors in interest.

  • The Transferor 5.1 warrants to the Transferee that it has full power to enter into this Transfer Certificate and has taken all corporate action necessary to authorise it to do so;

  • The Seller Subsection 14.01 Additional Indemnification by the Seller; Third Party Claims........................................... Subsection 14.02 Merger or Consolidation of the Seller..................

  • Administration and Servicing of Receivables SECTION 4.1

  • Servicing of Receivables So long as no Event of Servicer Termination shall have occurred and be continuing and no Successor Servicer has assumed the responsibilities and obligations of the Servicer pursuant to Section 9.02, the Servicer shall (i) conduct the servicing, administration and collection of the Transferred Receivables and shall take, or cause to be taken, all such actions as may be necessary or advisable to service, administer and collect the Transferred Receivables, all in accordance with (A) the terms of this Agreement, (B) customary and prudent servicing procedures for trade receivables of a similar type and (C) all applicable laws, rules and regulations, and (ii) hold all Contracts and other documents and incidents relating to the Transferred Receivables in trust for the benefit of Buyer, as the owner thereof, and for the sole purpose of facilitating the servicing of the Transferred Receivables in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. Buyer hereby instructs the Servicer, and the Servicer hereby acknowledges, that the Servicer shall hold all Contracts and other documents relating to such Transferred Receivables in trust for the benefit of the Buyer and the Servicer’s retention and possession of such Contracts and documents shall at all times be solely in a custodial capacity for the benefit of the Buyer and its assigns and pledgees.

  • Delaware Trust Assets Purchaser The Delaware Trust Assets Purchaser shall be the Servicer engaged to perform and discharge the Serviced Duties in respect of each Appointment of Xxxxx Trust Company that continues to be treated as a Restricted Appointment.

  • Servicer The Servicer is authorized to prepare, or cause to be prepared, execute and deliver on behalf of the Trust all such documents, reports, filings, instruments, certificates and opinions as it shall be the duty of the Trust or Owner Trustee to prepare, file or deliver pursuant to the Basic Documents. Upon written request, the Owner Trustee shall execute and deliver to the Servicer a limited power of attorney appointing the Servicer the Trust's agent and attorney-in-fact to prepare, or cause to be prepared, execute and deliver all such documents, reports, filings, instruments, certificates and opinions.

  • Reassignment of Purchased Receivables Upon deposit in the Collection Account of the Purchase Amount of any Receivable repurchased by Seller under Section 5.1 hereof, Purchaser and the Issuer shall take such steps as may be reasonably requested by Seller in order to assign to Seller all of Purchaser’s and the Issuer’s right, title and interest in and to such Receivable and all security and documents and all Other Conveyed Property conveyed to Purchaser and the Issuer directly relating thereto, without recourse, representation or warranty, except as to the absence of Liens created by or arising as a result of actions of Purchaser or the Issuer. Such assignment shall be a sale and assignment outright, and not for security. If, following the reassignment of a Purchased Receivable, in any enforcement suit or legal proceeding, it is held that Seller may not enforce any such Receivable on the ground that it shall not be a real party in interest or a holder entitled to enforce the Receivable, Purchaser and the Issuer shall, at the expense of Seller, take such steps as Seller deems reasonably necessary to enforce the Receivable, including bringing suit in Purchaser’s or in the Issuer’s name.

  • Instructions for Certification – First Tier Participants a. By signing and submitting this proposal, the prospective first tier participant is providing the certification set out below.

  • Originator The Person that originated the Mortgage Loan pursuant to a written agreement with the related Mortgagor.