Residual Certificate Sample Clauses

Residual Certificate. Subject to the provisions of this Indenture, all amounts in the Residual Fund shall be paid to or on the order of the holder of the Residual Certificate free and clear of the lien of this Indenture. At delivery of the Initial Bonds, the Residual Certificate shall be delivered to, and registered on the books of the Corporation kept by the Trustee in the name of the City.
Residual Certificate. The Class R Certificate and Class LT-R Certificates.
Residual Certificate. The Class R Certificate. Seller: Lehman Capital, A Division of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. or its successor in interest or assigns. Servicer: Fairbanks Capital Corp. or its successor in interest or assigns or any successor to the Servicer under this Agreement as herein provided.
Residual Certificate. The Class W5-R Certificate or the Class W5-RL Certificate, as the context requires. Servicer: Countrywide Home Loans Servicing LP or any successor. Settlement Date: July 30, 2002.
Residual Certificate. Section 5.01.
Residual Certificate. If a transfer of a Residual Certificate is disregarded pursuant to the provisions of Treasury Regulations Section 1.860E-1 or Section 1.860G-3, then the last preceding Permitted Transferee shall be restored, to the extent permitted by law, to all rights and obligations as Holder thereof retroactive to the date of registration of such Transfer of such Residual Certificate. Neither the Trust nor the Trustee shall be under any liability to any Person for any registration of Transfer of a Residual Certificate that is in fact not permitted by this Section 5.01(c) or for making any payments due on such Certificate to the holder thereof or for taking any other action with respect to such holder under the provisions of this Agreement.
Residual Certificate. The Residual Certificate shall represent a fractional undivided beneficial interest in the Trust subordinated to the interests of the Investor Certificateholders, including the right to receive, subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, (i) on each Distribution Date, the balance of the collections on the Purchased Contract Receivables after the Investor Certificateholders have received all distributions to which they are entitled hereunder and (ii) any other distribution to be made to the Residual Certificateholder as set forth in Article V hereof on such Distribution Date. The holder of the Residual Certificate shall have no right to vote with respect to the appointment of a successor Owner Trustee or the Servicer.