Residual Certificate Sample Clauses

Residual Certificate. Subject to the provisions of this Indenture, all amounts in the Residual Fund shall be paid to or on the order of the holder of the Residual Certificate free and clear of the lien of this Indenture. At delivery of the Initial Bonds, the Residual Certificate shall be delivered to, and registered on the books of the Corporation kept by the Trustee in the name of the City.
Residual Certificate. The Class R Certificate. Seller: Xxxxxx Brothers Bank, FSB or its successor in interest or assigns. Servicer: Fairbanks Capital Corp. or its successor in interest or assigns or any successor to the Servicer under this Agreement as herein provided.
Residual Certificate. Payments under or in respect of the Residual Certificate shall be payable only from the sources provided therefor under this Trust Indenture and only upon the terms of this Trust Indenture. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Trust Indenture or the Residual Certificate, no amounts shall be due and payable through or in respect of the Residual Certificate, and the registered owner of the Residual Certificate shall have no right to, or interest of any kind in, the payment of any such amount, unless and until the Trustee shall determine that funds are available therefor in accordance with Article V of this Trust Indenture and the Trustee shall in fact withdraw funds from the Funds and Accounts for such payment and transfer the same to the registered owner of the Residual Certificate. On the Delivery Date for the Series 2007 Bonds, the Residual Certificate shall be delivered to the State and paid to the State, in furtherance of the 2007 Sale Agreement, and registered on the books of the Authority kept by the Trustee.
Residual Certificate. Class A-R Certificates.
Residual Certificate. Any of the Class R Certificates executed and -------------------- authenticated by the Trustee substantially in the form set forth in Exhibit B hereto.
Residual Certificate. Section 5.01. Execution, Authentication, Availability and Dating of the Residual Certificate 18 Section 5.02. Registration and Registration of Transfer of the Residual Certificate. 18 Section 5.03. Mutilated, Destroyed, Lost or Stolen Residual Certificate 20 Section 5.04. Person Deemed Owner of the Residual Certificate 20 Section 5.05. Maintenance of Office or Agency for the Residual Certificate 21 Section 5.06. Reference in the Residual Certificate to Supplemental Agreements 21 Section 5.07. Amendment Relating to Transfer to Disqualified Organization 21 Section 5.08. Demands, Notices, Communications 21
Residual Certificate. 18 Rolling Three Month Delinquency Rate.............................. 19
Residual Certificate. The Class W5-R Certificate or the Class W5-RL Certificate, as the context requires. Servicer: Countrywide Home Loans Servicing LP or any successor. Settlement Date: July 30, 2002.