Requesting Price Increase/Required Documentation Sample Clauses

Requesting Price Increase/Required Documentation. Contractor must submit a written notification at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to the requested effective date of the change, setting the amount of the increase, along with an itemized list of any increased prices, showing the Contractor’s current price, revised price, the actual dollar difference and the percentage of the price increase by line item. Price change requests must include H-GAC Forms D Offered Item Pricing and E Options Pricing, or the documentation used to submit pricing in the original Response and be supported with substantive documentation (e.g. manufacturer's price increase notices, copies of invoices from suppliers, etc.) clearly showing that Contractor's actual costs have increased per the applicable line item bid. The Producer Price Index (PPI) may be used as partial justification, subject to approval by H-GAC, but no price increase based solely on an increase in the PPI will be allowed. This documentation should be submitted in Excel format to facilitate analysis and updating of the website. The letter and documentation must be sent to the Bids and Specifications manager, Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, at Review/Approval of Requests If H-GAC approves the price increase, Contractor will be notified in writing; no price increase will be effective until Contractor receives this notice. If H-GAC does not approve Contractor’s price increase, Contractor may terminate its performance upon sixty (60) days advance written notice to H-GAC, however Contractor must fulfill any outstanding Purchase Orders. Termination of performance is Contractor’s only remedy if H-GAC does not approve the price increase. H-GAC reserves the right to accept or reject any price change request.