Remainder Sample Clauses

Remainder. Remaining revenues shall be retained to be re-invested by Company.
Remainder. The balance shall be distributed to the Member(s) pro rata in proportion to their Percentage Interests.
Remainder. Upon placement of the Pet in a forever home, CAS will retain the remaining balance of the planned gift to be used for the general purposes of CAS in the absolute discretion of CAS.
Remainder. Thereafter, Sixty Five Percent (65%) to the Limited Partners and Thirty Five percent (35%) to the General Partner.
Remainder. A final sum of $500 will remain in my account with Moxie Inc. for one year following the end of the term of appointment. This amount will be used to cover costs related to the case after the term of appointment (e.g., requests for reports or other records, consultations, etc.). After that time, I may request a refund of any unused amount. Requests must be submitted in writing to Moxie Inc.
Remainder. Any unclaimed portion of the Net Cash Fund after mailing of 7 Settlement Payments to Authorized Claimants and after any mailed Settlements are returned to 8 the Claims Administrator as undeliverable must be paid on an equal basis to the following non- 10 the payments specified to be used for a chair, professorship, fellowship, lectureship, seminar 11 series or similar funding, gift or donation program developed and coordinated between Provide 12 Commerce and the respective institutions (depending on the amount of the remainder) regarding 13 internet privacy or internet data security: California State University at San Diego (San Diego 14 State University), University of California at San Diego, and University of San Diego School of 15 Law. Defendants, through the Claims Administrator, must mail or wire the payments from the 16 Net Cash Fund according to the timeline set forth in Section 2.1(e) of the Settlement Agreement.
Remainder. Of the remaining funds, the Secretary shall, in fiscal year 2010, make grants to States that have made significant progress in meeting the objectives of paragraphs (2), (3), (4), and (5) of section 14005(d).
Remainder. Company shall provide notice to Vertex promptly following Company’s determination in good faith that Company’s employees have generally resumed on-site activities at Company’s facilities, which notice shall include a reasonably detailed description of the FTEs available to conduct Research Activities under the Research Programs in accordance with this Agreement. Following Vertex’s receipt of such notice or any time after Company’s employees have generally resumed on-site activities at Company’s facilities, Vertex shall notify Company after Vertex has substantially resumed its normal business operations, provided, however, [***]. Vertex shall pay the remaining one half of the Upfront Fee (equal to Twelve-Million, Five-Hundred Thousand US Dollars ($12,500,000)) (the “Remainder”) within [***] Business Days after the earlier of Vertex providing notice to Company of its resumption of its operations as described in the preceding sentence or Company providing notice of [***] as described in the preceding sentence by wire transfer of immediately available funds (the date of either such notice, the “Research Term Effective Date”). In the event that the Research Term Effective Date [***], then Vertex shall [***].
Remainder. The Buyer shall pay the Company seven hundred and eighty- seven thousand five hundred U.S. dollars ($787,500.00) (representing the final twenty-five percent (25%) of the Purchase Price), within five (5) business days after the Company renders the Buyer the Notice of Completion of the Equipment, which notice the Company shall deliver via email.
Remainder. Mr. Thompson acknowledges forgixxxxxx xx xxe remaining amount of USD $3754.65 in debt owed. The parties agree that as of the date of this agreement RRUN owes Mr. Thompson no additional amouxxx xxx xxxxices rendered.