Reliable Sample Clauses

Related to Reliable

  • Reliability Zadara shall take commercially reasonable steps to ensure the reliability of any Zadara personnel engaged in the Processing of Personal Data.

  • Function It shall be the function of the Governing Board to uphold the Charter School’s mission and vision, to set policy for the Charter School, to work collaboratively with school officials to ensure the Charter School complies with the performance goals enumerated in Section 8 above, to ensure effective organizational planning, and to ensure financial stability of the Charter School.

  • Capability The wind, solar or non-synchronous generation facility shall provide SCADA capability to transmit data and receive instructions from the Transmission Provider to protect system reliability. The Transmission Provider and the wind, solar or non-synchronous generation facility Interconnection Customer shall determine what SCADA information is essential for the proposed wind, solar or non-synchronous generation facility, taking into account the size of the facility and its characteristics, location, and importance in maintaining generation resource adequacy and transmission system reliability in its area.

  • Industry Data The statistical and market-related data included in each of the Registration Statement, the Pricing Disclosure Package and the Prospectus are based on or derived from sources that the Company reasonably and in good faith believes are reliable and accurate or represent the Company’s good faith estimates that are made on the basis of data derived from such sources.

  • OPERATIONAL INFORMATION The New York Stock Exchange is a leading global stock exchange. The New York Stock Exchange is registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission as a securities exchange. Prices are published on a real-time basis by a number of third party information providers. The Reference Asset will be held by the Margin Loan Provider in the Margin Account. ISIN Code: XS2337088012 Common Code: Not applicable Names and addresses of additional Paying Agent(s) (if any):

  • Information Reporting (a) The Fund agrees that, during the Current Special Rate Period and so long as BANA or any Affiliate thereof is the beneficial owner of any Outstanding VRDP Shares, it will deliver, or direct the Tender and Paying Agent to deliver, to BANA and any such Affiliate:

  • Assurance In the event of a bankruptcy proceeding, Bank and Company do not consent to assumption of this Agreement. Nevertheless, in the event of a bankruptcy proceeding and the determination by the court that this Agreement is assumable under the Bankruptcy Code (11 U.S.C. § 365), as amended from time to time, Merchant must establish or maintain a Reserve Account in an amount satisfactory to Bank. Assumption will be made under terms and conditions that are acceptable to Bank and Company and comply with applicable Laws governing such assumption.

  • Data The information set forth in the related Mortgage Loan Schedule, including any diskette or other related data tapes sent to the Purchaser, is complete, true and correct in all material respects. The information on the Mortgage Loan Schedule and the information provided are consistent with the contents of the originator's records and the Mortgage File. The Mortgage Loan Schedule contains all of the required fields. Any seller or builder concession has been subtracted from the Appraised Value of the Mortgaged Property for purposes of determining the LTV and CLTV. Except for information specified to be as of the origination date of the Mortgage Loan, the Mortgage Loan Schedule contains the most current information possessed by the originator. No appraisal or other property valuation referred to or used to determine any data listed on the Mortgage Loan Schedule was more than 3 months old at the time of the Mortgage Loan closing.

  • Network PHARMACY is a retail, mail order or specialty pharmacy that has a contract to accept our pharmacy allowance for prescription drugs and diabetic equipment or supplies covered under this plan. NETWORK PROVIDER is a provider that has entered into a contract with us or other Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans. For pediatric dental care services, network provider is a dentist that has entered into a contract with us or participates in the Dental Coast to Coast Network. For pediatric vision hardware services, a network provider is a provider that has entered into a contract with EyeMed, our vision care service manager.

  • Medical Information The Board shall keep any medical information in separate files accessible only to appropriate health care professionals and the Teacher.