Realty Corp Sample Clauses

Realty Corp. (the "Corporation") and the proprietary lease appurtenant to Apartment (the "Apartment") in the building located at 49 East 96th Street, New York, NY; and
Realty Corp. (hereinafter called Lessor) and First Community National Bank (hereinafter called Lessee) which terms "Lessor" and Lessee" shall include, wherever the context admits or requires, singular or plural, and their heirs, legal representatives, successors and assigns of the respective parties;
Realty Corp. Future." In connection with any such future subordinate financing, the lender shall 16 N. Broadway Owners, Inc. enter into a subordination agreement substantially in the form attached as Exhibit T to 162 East 80th Tenants Inc. the Pooling and Servicing Agreement. 166 West 76th Apartment Corp. 170 East 92nd Street Owners, Inc. 18 Housing Corporation 20-26 North Moore Street Corp. 225 Park Owners Corp. 230 Tenants Corporation 233 East 70th Street Owners Corp. 280-290 Collins Owners Corp. 30 Wall Street Apartment Corporation 309-317 West 93 Owners Corp. 320 W. 89th St. Owners Corp. 328 Owners Corp. 33 Greenwich Owners Corp. 350 Cabrini Owners Corp. 357 East 57th Street Realty Corp. 39 1/2 Washington Square Corp. 467 Pacific Owners Corp. 55 Midblock Tenants Corp. 60 E. 9th St. Owners Corp. 61 Bronx River Road Owners, Inc. 687 West 204th Street Corporation 700 Park Corp. 720 Park Avenue Corporation 74th Street Apartments, Inc. 86-10 Owners Corp. Bleecker Street Operating Corp. Bleecker Tower Tenants Corp. Cannon Point North, Inc. Centrentset Corp. Clark Street Tenants Incorporated Croyden Apts. Inc. Fifth 169 Owners Corp. Fountains-Clove Road Apartments, Inc. Gateway Apartment Owners Corp. Grand Loft Corp. Harrison Commons, Ltd. Mansion House Owners Corp. Neptune Towers Cooperative, Inc. Palmer Avenue Owners, Inc. Park 65 Realty Corp. Remsen Owners Corp. Roblinn Corp. Sea Breeze Town Houses Owners, Inc. Spring Street Studios Inc. a/k/a Spring Street Studio, Inc.
Realty Corp and The 44th B.C. Realty Corp. c/o Prince Management Corp. 498 Seventh Avenue, 7th Floor New York, New York 10012 January 7, 1998 S.L. Green Management Corp. 70 West 36th Street New York, New York 10018 Re: 417 Fifth Avenue and 19 West 44th Street New York, New York (collectively, the "Premises") Ladies and Gentlemen: The undersigned, as the owners of the Premises, hereby authorize you, as the present managing agent for the Premises, to cooperate with any requests that may be made by NorthStar Capital Partners, LLC, their representatives, agents, advisors and counsel (including, without limitation, Arthur Andersen LLP) in respect of any and all past and present matters (financial and otherwise) relating to the Premises and to deliver any information in your possession or control or available to you that may be reasonably requested by them in connection therewith. Very truly yours,
Realty Corp is enjoined from confessing judgment against Asian Bank for possession or monetary relief based upon the asserted breach of the Lease in connection with the April 2005 Minimum Annual Rent Payment for the property located at 1008 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107.
Realty Corp. By: /s/ Joseph Chetrit ------------------------------------- Name: Joseph Chetrit Title: TENANT: GT INTERACTIVE SOFTWARE CORP. By: /s/ Joseph Cayre ------------------------------------- Name: Joseph Cayre Title: Chairman of the Board
Realty Corp did not receive the Tenant’s Minimum Annual Rent until after April 8, 2005.
Realty Corp. Lynowes and Blocher LLP Pappy, Inc. Maryland Hartford Disposal, Inc.
Realty Corp never sent a ten-day notice to Asian Bank regarding the additional rent as required by Section 17.1(b) of the Lease.
Realty Corp shall be referred to herein as either Prime Landlord or Owner. Tenant, at Tenant's sole cost and expense, shall observe, perform and comply with all of the terms, covenants and conditions of the Paramount Lease to be observed, performed or complied with by the lessee thereunder, other than the provisions for the payment of rent. All rent payments under this lease must be made directly to the Landlord hereunder and NOT to the Owner. In the event of any default in the observance, performance or compliance with any such term, covenant or condition of the Paramount Lease, other than the payment of rent, other than the payment of rent, as claimed by Owner, Landlord, in addition to its other rights and remedies hereunder, shall be entitled to cure such default under the Paramount Lease, and all sums advanced or incurred by Landlord in connection therewith shall be paid by Tenant to Landlord on demand as additional rent hereunder.