RDDS Sample Clauses

RDDS. Registration Data Directory Services refers to the collective of WHOIS and Web-­‐based WHOIS services as defined in Specification 4 of this Agreement.
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RDDS. DNS update time. Refers to the time measured from the reception of an EPP confirmation to a transform command on a domain name, until the name servers of the parent domain name answer “DNS queries” with data consistent with the change made. This only applies for changes to DNS information.

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  • Telemedicine Services This plan covers clinically appropriate telemedicine services when the service is provided via remote access through an on-line service or other interactive audio and video telecommunications system in accordance with R.I. General Law § 27-81-1. Clinically appropriate telemedicine services may be obtained from a network provider, and from our designated telemedicine service provider. When you seek telemedicine services from our designated telemedicine service provider, the amount you pay is listed in the Summary of Medical Benefits. When you receive a covered healthcare service from a network provider via remote access, the amount you pay depends on the covered healthcare service you receive, as indicated in the Summary of Medical Benefits. For information about telemedicine services, our designated telemedicine service provider, and how to access telemedicine services, please visit our website or contact our Customer Service Department.

  • IBM Credit may in its sole discretion from time to time decide the amount of credit IBM Credit extends to Customer, notwithstanding any prior course of conduct between IBM Credit and Customer. IBM Credit may combine all of its advances to make one debt owed by Customer.

  • Analytics 1.1. IFS may track and analyze the usage of the IFS Offering for purposes of determining usage made of the IFS Offering, for the purposes of security, to assist customers, and for improving the Software and Services and the user experience in using such Software and Services. For example, IFS may use this information to help customers derive more value from the Software and Services, to understand and analyze trends, or to track which features are used most often in order to improve the Software and Services. IFS may share anonymous usage data with its service providers for the purpose of helping in such tracking, analysis and improvements. Additionally, IFS may share such anonymous usage data on an aggregate basis in the normal course of operating their business; for example, IFS may share information publicly to show trends about the general use of its software and services. TERMS - SERVICES

  • Technology Access A. Contractor expressly acknowledges that state funds may not be expended in connection with the purchase of an automated information system unless that system meets certain statutory requirements relating to accessibility by persons with visual impairments. Accordingly, Contractor represents and warrants to System Agency that the technology provided to System Agency for purchase (if applicable under this Contract or any related Solicitation) is capable, either by virtue of features included within the technology or because it is readily adaptable by use with other technology, of:

  • AMD to the Fixed Interest Account, beginning with the date of such transfer, shall be credited with the Current Rate of Interest under this contract which was in effect on the date the transferred contribution was originally deposited into the Fixed Interest Account under the previous AUL contract.

  • Catalog Information about Community Regional Medical Center – Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program (CRMC-DMSP) is published in a school catalog that contains a description of certain policies, procedures, and other information about the school. CRMC-DMSP reserves the right to change any provision of the catalog at any time. Notice of changes will be communicated in a revised catalog, an addendum or supplement to the catalog, or other written format. Students are expected to read and be familiar with the information contained in the school catalog, in any revisions, supplements and addenda to the catalog, and with all school policies. By enrolling in CRMC-DMSP, the Student agrees to abide by the terms stated in the catalog and all school policies.

  • INTRODUCTION TO YOUR SUBSCRIBER AGREEMENT Thank you for choosing Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI) for your healthcare coverage. We appreciate the trust you’ve placed in us and want to help you make the most of your health plan. In this Subscriber Agreement (agreement), you’ll find valuable information about your plan, including: • how your health coverage works; • how BCBSRI processes claims for the health services you receive; • your rights and responsibilities as a BCBSRI member; • BCBSRI’s rights and responsibilities; and • tools and programs to help you stay healthy and save money. We encourage you to read this agreement to learn about all the advantages of being a BCBSRI member. How to Use This Agreement Below are some helpful tips on how to find what you need in this agreement. • As a member, you are responsible for understanding the benefits to which you are entitled under this agreement and the rules you must follow to receive those benefits. • The Table of Contents will help you find the order of the sections as they appear in the agreement. • The Summary of Benefits, included in this agreement, shows the amount you pay out of your own pocket. • Important contact information, such as, telephone numbers, addresses, and websites are located at the end of this document. • Some words and phrases used in this agreement are in italics. This means that the words or phrases have a special meaning as they relate to your healthcare coverage. Please see Section 8 for definitions of these words. • When we use the words “we,” “us,” and “our,” we are referring to BCBSRI. When we use the words “you” and “your” we are referring to the enrolled subscriber and/or member. These words are also defined in the Glossary. • Many sections of this document are related to other sections. You may need to reference more than one section to find the information you need.

  • Corporate Services This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions for the provision by PROVIDING PARTY to RECEIVING PARTY of various corporate services and products, as more fully described below and in Schedule 1.1(a) attached hereto (the Scheduled Services, the Omitted Services, the Resumed Services and Special Projects (as defined below), collectively, the "Corporate Services").

  • Generelt A. Apple Inc. (“Apple”) giver hermed licenstager licens til at bruge Apples software samt tredjeparters software, dokumentation, grænseflader, indhold, skrifter og evt. data, som følger med denne licens, uanset om de forefindes som ROM (Read Only Memory) eller på andet medie (under et kaldet “Apple- software”) i henhold til betingelserne i denne licensaftale. Apple og/eller Apples licensgivere bevarer ejendomsretten til selve Apple-softwaren og forbeholder sig alle de rettigheder, som ikke udtrykkeligt er givet til licenstager.

  • Customer Services Customer Relationship Management (CRM): All aspects of the CRM process, including planning, scheduling, and control activities involved with service delivery. The service components facilitate agencies’ requirements for managing and coordinating customer interactions across multiple communication channels and business lines. Customer Preferences: Customizing customer preferences relative to interface requirements and information delivery mechanisms (e.g., personalization, subscriptions, alerts and notifications).