RDDS update time Sample Clauses

RDDS update time. Refers to the time measured from the reception of an EPP confirmation to a transform command on a domain name, host or contact, up until the servers of the RDDS services reflect the changes made.

Related to RDDS update time

  • DNS update time Refers to the time measured from the reception of an EPP confirmation to a transform command on a domain name, until the name servers of the parent domain name answer “DNS queries” with data consistent with the change made. This only applies for changes to DNS information.

  • Show Up Time An employee who reports to work in the usual manner without having been notified that there is no work available and is sent home because of lack of work before having worked three (3) hours shall receive a minimum of three (3) hours pay at their prevailing hourly rate. The employee shall also receive their full accommodation allowance if and when applicable. Each employee must inform the Employer of a means of being contacted on short notice. If an attempt is made by the Employer to contact an employee by way of the contact information provided, in an effort to inform the employee of a lack of work, and the Employer is unable to do so, the employee will not be entitled to show up time.

  • Disclosure Updates Promptly and in no event later than 5 Business Days after obtaining knowledge thereof, notify Agent if any written information, exhibit, or report furnished to the Lender Group contained, at the time it was furnished, any untrue statement of a material fact or omitted to state any material fact necessary to make the statements contained therein not misleading in light of the circumstances in which made. The foregoing to the contrary notwithstanding, any notification pursuant to the foregoing provision will not cure or remedy the effect of the prior untrue statement of a material fact or omission of any material fact nor shall any such notification have the effect of amending or modifying this Agreement or any of the Schedules hereto.

  • Schedule Updates The Contractor shall update the Work Progress Schedule and the Submittal Schedule monthly, as a minimum, to reflect progress to date and current plans for completing the Work, and submit a paper and electronic copy of the update to the A/E and ODR as directed. The Owner has no duty to make progress payments unless accompanied by the updated Work Progress Schedule. The Contractor shall show the anticipated date of completion reflecting all extensions of time granted through Change Order as of the date of the update. The Contractor may revise the Progress Schedule logic only with the Owner’s concurrence when in the Contractor’s judgment it becomes necessary for the management of the Work. The Contractor shall identify all proposed changes to the schedule logic to the Owner and to the A/E via an Executive Summary accompanying the updated schedule for review prior to implementation of revisions.

  • Wash-Up Time 60.01 Where the Employer determines that due to the nature of the work there is a clear cut need, wash-up time up to a maximum of ten (10) minutes will be permitted before the end of the working day, or immediately following and contiguous to the working day.