Publicity and Disclosure Sample Clauses

Publicity and Disclosure. A. The Financial Agent shall not make use of any Treasury name, symbol, emblem, program name, or product name, in any advertising, signage, promotional material, press release, Web page, publication, or media interview, without the prior written consent of the Treasury.
Publicity and Disclosure. 11.1 Buyer and the Company shall mutually determine the form and substance of any press release, publicity or other public communication related to this Agreement or the transactions contemplated hereby. Each party shall use commercially reasonable efforts to provide the other with the opportunity to comment on the initial press release announcing this Agreement and the transactions contemplated hereby prior to its release. No party shall make any disclosure of this Agreement or the existence, terms and conditions hereof (whether or not in response to an inquiry about the existence or subject matter of this Agreement), unless previously approved by Buyer and the Company. Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing contained herein shall prohibit any party from making any disclosure which the party in good faith believes is required by, or advisable according to, applicable laws, regulations or stock market rules.
Publicity and Disclosure. In the absence of specific agreement between the parties, neither party shall originate any publicity, news release or other public announcement, written or oral, whether to the public press, to stockholders or otherwise, relating to this AGREEMENT, to any amendment hereto as to performance hereunder, save only such announcement as in the opinion of legal counsel to the party making such announcement is required by law or practice to be made. The party making any such announcement shall give the other party an opportunity to review the form of the announcement before it is made. Routine references to this AGREEMENT and the arrangements hereunder without undue frequency and without emphasis shall be allowed in the usual course of business provided that notice of such use is given to the other party. If, in the opinion of ORTHO, excessive use occurs, such references shall be discontinued after discussion among the parties.
Publicity and Disclosure. Any general notices, releases, statements or communications by either Party to the general public or the press relating to the Transaction Documents, the participation or involvement of the Parties in the transactions contemplated by the Transaction Documents or the reasons for or any of the events or circumstances surrounding the termination of the transactions contemplated by the Merger Agreement or the IIA shall be made only at such times and in such manner as may be mutually agreed upon by the Parties, except as otherwise required by law (and in such case only after a reasonable attempt has been made to consult with the other Parties to this Agreement). Notwithstanding the foregoing, each of the Parties may disclose or respond to inquiries regarding the termination of the Transaction Documents in a manner that is fully consistent with, and does not go beyond the scope of, the content of the press release attached as Exhibit B to the Merger Termination Agreement. The Parties further agree to file with the Securities and Exchange Commission the applicable Schedules 13-D/A, each in form approved by the Parties, as promptly as practicable following the effectiveness of the Merger Termination Agreement.
Publicity and Disclosure. Without securing the prior written consent of Aaceses Ihmire Industries in each instance, Seller will not use the name or logo of Aaceses Ihmire Industries or Aaceses Ihmire Industries’ customer in any news release, public announcement, advertisement, or other form of publicity, or disclose any of the terms or subject matter of this PO to any third party except as may be required to perform this PO.
Publicity and Disclosure. All notices to third parties and all other publicity concerning the transactions contemplated by this Agreement shall be jointly planned and coordinated by and between the Parties hereto.
Publicity and Disclosure. No press releases or any public ------------------------ disclosure, or disclosures to any employees of Seller or Purchaser, either written or oral, of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement shall be made without the prior knowledge and consent of Seller. Seller shall provide any public announcement of the execution of this Agreement or the sale and purchase of the Assets as herein described to Purchaser for review prior to release.
Publicity and Disclosure. Except as required by law or the rules of the principal stock exchange on which the Party's stock is traded, no Party shall originate any public statement, news release or other public announcement (oral or written), whether in the public press, stockholders' reports, at investors meetings or meetings with individual investors, or otherwise, relating to this Agreement or to any sublicense hereunder, or to the performance hereunder or any such agreements, or use a Party's name for any purpose, including, without limitation, in connection with the advertising or sale of Products, without the prior written approval of the other Party, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld. The Parties each agree to respond to each such request within five (5) business days of receipt of a request (unless a shorter period of time is necessary to comply with law). In the case of unintentional public disclosure concerning this Agreement, any Product or any other subject matter hereof, the disclosing Party shall promptly inform the other Party of such disclosure and the other Party shall be entitled to make a public announcement regarding the subject matter of the disclosure. The other Party shall notify the disclosing Party of their intention to make such an announcement. Following a Party's consent to or approval of the public disclosure of any information pursuant to this Section 16.4, both Parties shall be entitled to make subsequent public announcements of such information without renewed compliance with this Section 16.4, unless the scope and/or duration of such consent or approval is expressly limited. Upon conclusion of this Agreement, the Parties will publish a press release on their future cooperation.