Proprietor Sample Clauses

Proprietor. Natural or legal person that operates a child centre. Start Date: The date when the agreement takes effect. Written (In Writing): Written is also understood as ‘electronically’, unless the law opposes the same.
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Proprietor owns all rights, title and interest to the Trademarks, including all goodwill attached thereto, in and to the Trademarks, and all trademarks rights embodied therein shall at all times be solely vested in PROPRIETOR. LICENSEE has no right, title, interest or claim of ownership in the Trademarks, except for the license expressly granted in this Agreement.
Proprietor. The Proprietor of The Noisefloor is: Xxxxx Xxxxx, of 3F1 0 Xxxxxxx Xxxxx, Edinburgh, EH6 8PB. Tel: 00000 000000, email: xxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx
Proprietor. The Storage Unit provider - Cadnam Self Storage, and named agents acting in their interest / on their behalf. Also represented by the pro nouns; we, our, us in this document.
Proprietor. Lembaga Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (Employees Provident Fund Board) BENEFICIAL OWNER: Xxx Xxxxx Hardware Sdn Bhd ENCUMBRANCE: Assigned to AmBank (M) Berhad TENURE: 99 years leasehold interest with an unexpired term of 87 years (expiry date on the 17th June, 2108) CATEGORY OF LAND USE: Building EXPRESS CONDITION: Tanah ini hendaklah digunakan untuk bangunan perdagangan bagi tujuan kedai/pejabat sahaja. RESTRICTION-IN-INTEREST: Tanah ini tidak boleh dipindahmilik, dipajak, dicagar xxx digadai melainkan dengan kebenaran Jawatankuasa Kerja Tanah Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.
Proprietor. 5. Agreed Notice Period of Termination days notice 6. Special Conditions
Proprietor. The Executive Centre Singapore Pte. Limited (TEC)
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Proprietor. EBTR is the sole proprietor of the motorcycle specified in the lease agreement. Its employees and tour guides shall be entitled to act in the name of the company with respect to this lease agreement. Any attempt to transfer or sublet the motorcycle by any other person than EBTR shall be void.
Proprietor is a body corporate that—
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