Promulgation Sample Clauses

Promulgation. Not later than twenty-four (24) months after the Enforcement Date, the Pueblo shall enact a Pueblo Water Code. Such Code shall be consistent with this Settlement Agreement and include the provisions of this Article 11.1.
Promulgation. I Copies of this Agreement will be printed at the expense of the Board of Education and presented to each employee of the bargaining unit. The Board will provide fifteen (15) extra copies for the use of the Association.
Promulgation. In any circumstance, if the Licensee need to use any promulgation materials with respect to the IP, then the costs of making such materials shall be borne by the Licensee. The Licensor is the exclusive and sole owner of the copyright and other intellectual properties in connection with the promulgation materials with respect to the IP hereunder, no matter such promulgation materials may be invented or used by the Licensor or the Licensee. The Licensee agrees not to promulgate or advertise the IP hereunder through broadcasting, on TV, newspaper, magazine, Internet or any other media without the prior written approval from the Licensor.
Promulgation. 10.-(1) Upon approval by both constituent states Parliaments, the Constitutional Law is transmitted to the Presidential Council for promulgation by publication in the Gazette.

Related to Promulgation

  • Constitution There shall be an Advisory Board for each trade covered by the Apprenticeship Agreement, consisting of two (2) representatives of the Industry; two (2) from the Union, one (1) representing the Vocational School and one (1) from the Apprenticeship and Industrial Training Branch.

  • Principles of Interpretation No inference in favor of or against any Party shall be drawn from the fact that such Party has drafted any part of this Second Amendment. The Parties participated substantially in the negotiation, drafting, and revision of this Second Amendment, with advice from legal and other counsel and advisers of their own selection. A word, term or phrase defined in this Second Amendment may be used in the singular, plural, past tense or future tense, regardless of how it is defined, all in accordance with ordinary principles of English grammar, which shall govern all language in this Second Amendment. The words “include” and “including” in this Second Amendment shall be construed to be followed by the words: “without limitation.” Each collective noun in this Second Amendment shall be interpreted as if followed by the words “(or any part of it),” except where the context clearly requires otherwise. Every reference to any document, including the Agreement, refers to such document, as modified from time to time (excepting any modification that violates the Agreement), and includes all exhibits, schedules, addenda and riders to such document. The word “or” in this Second Amendment includes the word “and,” except where the context clearly requires otherwise. Every reference to a law, statute, regulation, order, form or similar governmental requirement in this Second Amendment refers to each such requirement as amended, modified, renumbered, superseded or succeeded, from time to time.

  • Legislative Changes If the premium paid by the Employer for any employee benefit stipulated in this Agreement is reduced as a result of any legislative or other action, by the Government of British Columbia, the amount of the saving shall be used to increase other benefits available to the employees, as may be mutually agreed to between the Parties.

  • LEGISLATIVE CHANGE 1. In this article, “legislation” means any new or amended statute, regulation, Minister’s Order, or Order in Council which arises during the term of the Collective Agreement or subsequent bridging period.

  • Interpretation Nothing herein contained shall be deemed to require the Trust or the Fund to take any action contrary to the Trust’s Declaration of Trust or Bylaws, or any applicable statutory or regulatory requirement to which it is subject or by which it is bound, or to relieve or deprive the Trust’s Board of Trustees of its responsibility for and control of the conduct of the affairs of the Trust or the Fund.

  • Introduction To encourage the Executive to remain an employee of the Company, the Company is willing to provide salary continuation benefits to the Executive. The Company will pay the benefits from its general assets.

  • Construction and Interpretation Should any provision of this Agreement require judicial interpretation, the parties hereto agree that the court interpreting or construing the same shall not apply a presumption that the terms hereof shall be more strictly construed against one party by reason of the rule of construction that a document is to be more strictly construed against the party that itself, or through its agent, prepared the same, and it is expressly agreed and acknowledged that Company and Executive and each of his and its representatives, legal and otherwise, have participated in the preparation hereof.