Interpretation definition

Interpretation means an addendum to a Reliability Standard, developed in accordance with the NERC Standard Processes Manual and approved by the Applicable Governmental Authority(ies), that provides additional clarity about one or more Requirements in the Reliability Standard.
Interpretation or “Interpreting” means the process of translating communication between hearing individuals, who communicate in spoken language, and individuals who communicate in sign language. Interpreters must be able to listen to an individual’s words, inflections, and intent and simultaneously render them into sign language using the mode of communication preferred by the Customer. The Interpreter must also be able to comprehend the signs, inflections, and intent of the Customer and speak them in articulate, appropriate English.
Interpretation provisions set forth in Section 1.02 of the Loan Agreement shall apply to this Agreement, including terms defined in the preamble and the recitals hereto.

Examples of Interpretation in a sentence

  • Capitalized terms used in this Plan that are not otherwise defined have the meanings ascribed to them in TSX Venture Exchange Policy 4.4 – Incentive Stock Options (“Policy 4.4”) or TSX Venture Exchange Policy 1.1 - Interpretation.

  • Terms used and not defined in this form are defined or interpreted in Policy 1 – Interpretation and General Provisions.

  • Activity Notable Activity:• PDC Allocations: Two Letters of Interpretation were issued in August.

  • Discussion and Principles, by Lionel Crocker and Louis Eich; Interpretation; Writer.

  • The Interpretation clarifies that the obligating event that gives rise to a liability to pay a levy is the activity described in the relevant legislation that triggers the payment of the levy.Due to the retrospective treatment the comparative figures in the balance sheet as at 31 December 2013 have been restated accordingly.

More Definitions of Interpretation

Interpretation means the presentation of Iowa history to the public through exhibitions, exhibition catalogs, education programs, historical markers, and other appropriate means.
Interpretation as used in Sections 2.08 and 2.09 hereof with respect to any law or regulation means the interpretation or application of such law or regulation by any governmental authority (including, without limitation, any entity exercising executive, legislative, judicial, regulatory or administrative functions of or pertaining to government), central bank, accounting standards board, financial services industry advisory body or any comparable entity.
Interpretation. Any defined term used in this Agreement, defined in the singular, is deemed to include the plural and vice versa.
Interpretation means the inventory, registration, mapping and analysis of cultural properties and public educational programs designed to prevent the loss of cultural properties;
Interpretation means this Interpretation section;“Invitation to Tender”means this invitation to tender for the supply of the Goods to the Government on the terms and conditions set out in the Tender Document;“Notes for Tenderers”means the notes for tenderers (if any) attached to the Tender Form;“Paper-based Tendering”means the making and submission of a Tender in paper form in accordance with the Lodging of Tender section of the Tender Form;“PRC”means the People’s Republic of China;“Price Schedule”means the price schedule attached to the Tender Form containing details of the Contract Price and the payment timetable;“Receiving Officer”means the officer in charge of a Government department or establishment to which any of the Goods are to be delivered or such other officer as he may authorise to accept delivery thereof;“Schedule”means a schedule attached to the Tender Form;“Special Conditions of Contract”means the special conditions of contract attached to the Tender Form;“Technical Specifications”means the specifications referred to in PART 3A of, and attached to, the Tender Form;“Tender”means an offer to supply the Goods as submitted by a Tenderer in response to the Invitation to Tender;
Interpretation means an intelligent and meaningful presentation and explanation of the significance and value of natural resources or historical or archeological resources.
Interpretation means simultaneous communication between a speaker of English and a speaker of another language.