POULTRY Sample Clauses

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POULTRY. ‘The poultry comes from birds that received antemortem and postmortem inspection at the time of xxxxxxxxx and was determined to be wholesome and free of disease. It contains no unauthorized preservatives or other additives or food colorings. It contains no harmful residues of antibiotics, coccidiostatic substances, pesticides, radioactive elements, or medications according to the national residue program. It has been prepared in an establishment that is inspected by the United States Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service and is suitable for human consumption.’” I have the honor to confirm that the understanding referred to in your letter is shared by my Government, and that your letter and this letter in reply shall constitute an integral part of Section A of Chapter Three of the Agreement. Sincerely, Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx CHAPTER FOUR TEXTILES AND APPAREL
POULTRY. All poultry shall be Grade A or better and be inspected and passed for wholesomeness by the official inspectors of the USDA. Poultry shall be solid meat portions – not pre‐formed from chopped or ground meat.
POULTRY. 21.1 Tenants must have written permission from Wirral Council to keep poultry, unless the plot is specifically classed as an animal plot only and registered as such on the Wirral Council allotment database.
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POULTRY. 1. The Parties shall sign and implement the Protocol on Cooperation on Notification and Control Procedures for Certain Significant Poultry Diseases within 30 days of the date of entry into force of this Agreement.
POULTRY. No live poultry or other living birds shall be brought into the Antarctic Treaty area. Before dressed poultry is packaged for shipment to the Antarctic Treaty area, it shall be inspected for evidence of disease, such as Newcastle's Disease, tuberculosis, and yeast infection. Any poultry or parts not consumed shall be removed from the Antarctic Treaty area or disposed of by incineration or equivalent means that eliminates risks to native flora and fauna.

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  • Food Only persons approved from time to time by Landlord may prepare, solicit orders for, sell, serve or distribute food in or around the Project. Except as may be specified in the Lease or on construction drawings for the Premises approved by Landlord, and except for microwave cooking, Tenant will not use the Premises for preparing or dispensing food, or soliciting of orders for sale, serving or distribution of food.

  • Wellness A. To support the statewide goal for a healthy and productive workforce, employees are encouraged to participate in a Well-Being Assessment survey. Employees will be granted work time and may use a state computer to complete the survey.

  • Footwear Where an employee is required by the College or by legislation, in order to perform his/her duties, to acquire and wear protective footwear, the employee shall provide the College with proof of purchase by March 1 each year and the College shall reimburse such employee, on the first pay day in April in each year, up to a maximum of one hundred and fifty dollar ($150.00). In situations other than the foregoing, the College may, in its discretion, (which discretion shall not be unreasonably exercised) reimburse such expense where it is recommended by the health and safety committee constituted under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

  • Wage Scale The wages shown in Appendix A will be part of this Agreement.

  • MERCURY ADDED CONSUMER PRODUCTS Contractor agrees that it will not sell or distribute fever thermometers containing mercury or any products containing elemental mercury for any purpose under this Contract.

  • Alcoholic Beverages USER hereby acknowledges and agrees that no alcoholic beverages shall consumed or possessed by USER its agents, contractors, employees, patrons, performers or guests while in, on or about the Authorized Area.

  • Wage Scales All workers covered by this Agreement shall be classified and paid in accordance with the classification and wage scales as attached as Appendices "A" and forming part of this Agreement.

  • Destination CSU-Pueblo scholarship This articulation transfer agreement replaces all previous agreements between FRCC and CSU-Pueblo in Bachelor of Art in Music Education. This agreement will be reviewed annually and revised (if necessary) as mutually agreed.

  • Products Products available under this Contract are limited to Software, including Software as a Service, products and related products as specified in Appendix C, Pricing Index. Vendor may incorporate changes to their product offering; however, any changes must be within the scope of products awarded based on the posting described in Section 1.B above. Vendor may not add a manufacturer’s product line which was not included in the Vendor’s response to the solicitation described in Section 1.B above.

  • Transportation Transportation to the nearest physician or hospital for employees requiring medical care as a result of an on-the-job accident shall be at the expense of the Employer.