Pins Sample Clauses

Pins. Bargaining unit employees may wear up to two (2) authorized pins (about three- quarters of an inch in diameter) on the uniform. DHS and TSA headquarters issued pins, service pins, and other officially-issued Federal government pins (subject to FSD approval) may be worn. FSD and other FSD approved, locally-issued pins may also be worn. One of the pins may be a replica of the American flag. The location of the pins will be as approved by the FSD.
Pins. Limited 1 year after delivery. See “Limited One-Year Tenpin Warrantydocumentation supplied with product for details.
Pins. 2.1 On receipt of the PIN, you must ensure that the Authorised User memorises the number and then destroys the slip or letter on which the PIN is printed.
Pins. Insulator pins shall have strength sufficient to withstand the loads to which they may be subjected. Steel or iron pins shall have a diameter of shank not less than 1/2 inch. Wood pins shall be sound and straight grained with a diameter of shank not less than 1 3/4 inches.
Pins. STC shall provide Card PINs to MCI WORLDCOM within three (3) business days of STC's receipt of MCI WORLDCOM's written or electronic purchase orders.
Pins o 3.3V must be sourced from an on-board VR
Pins. You must ensure that you:
Pins. The 11 KV Galvanized M.S. Forged Pins suitable for use with 11 KV Pin Insulators (Conforming to IS:731/1971 with latest amendments if any) shall comply in all respects with the IS: 2486 (Part-1)/1993 & IS:2486 (Part-2)/1989 with latest amendments if any. The dimensions of the line pins shall be as given in fig. 5 of the above mentioned ISS.