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PHASED. IMPLEMENTATION The Parties recognize that PM functions and activities are to be implemented by the Az ISA and the other Participating Utilities in two Phases: Phase I and II. As of the date of execution of this Agreement, the Az ISA Board has approved the implementation, subject to FERC acceptance, of Phase I. Therefore, all references herein to the PM shall initially be limited to Phase I of the PM. The Parties hereby agree to implement and include Phase II of the PM in this Agreement only after the following conditions are satisfied:
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  • Projects The Annexes attached hereto describe the specific projects and the policy reforms and other activities related thereto (each, a “Project”) that the Government will carry out, or cause to be carried out, in furtherance of this Compact to achieve the Objectives and the Compact Goal.

  • PROJECT 3.01. The Recipient declares its commitment to the objectives of the Project. To this end, the Recipient shall carry out the Project in accordance with the provisions of Article IV of the General Conditions.

  • Production Phase contract period in which the Development and the Production are to be performed.

  • Phases Contractor acknowledges and agrees the Project will progress in phases, in accordance with the Project Schedule. Contractor shall prepare, for Owner Parties’ review and approval, a separate Construction Schedule, for each phase. Each phase shall commence upon Owner Parties’ issuance of a Notice to Proceed for such phase and shall achieve Substantial Completion by the milestone dates set forth in the Contract Documents, including the Construction Schedule.

  • Project Goals The schedule, budget, physical, technical and other objectives for the Project shall be defined.

  • Development Phase contractual phase initiated with the approval of ANP for the Development Plan and which is extended during the Production Phase while investments in xxxxx, equipment, and facilities for the Production of Oil and Gas according to the Best Practices of the Oil Industry are required.

  • Phase 2 Phase 2 is expected to consist of Member Nodes and a select number of Nodes operated by non-Members. The non-Member Nodes will be required to comply with Node hosting terms as set forth by the Council, which may be amended from time to time (the “General Node Terms”).

  • Overall Project Schedule The Construction Progress Schedule that is approved by the Owner.

  • Development Schedule The Project shall substantially comply with the specific timetables and triggers for action set forth in Article 5 of this Agreement. The parties acknowledge that, as provided in G.S. 160A-400.25(b), the failure to meet a commencement or completion date shall not, in and of itself, constitute a material breach of this Agreement pursuant to G.S. 160A-400.27 but must be judged based upon the totality of the circumstances.

  • PHASE is a distinct portion of the Work to be provided under this Agreement, as specified in the Statement Of Work.

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