Ownership and Operation Sample Clauses

Ownership and Operation. The City shall be the sole owner of the Oglethorpe Center including the real property upon which all of the Oglethorpe Center improvements are made. City shall maintain ownership and control of the Oglethorpe Center for at least twenty (20) years. The Oglethorpe Center shall be used and operated in a manner consistent with this Agreement, SPLOST IV and SPLOST V and applicable SPLOST law.
Ownership and Operation. Each Party shall have exclusive ownership of, and shall be exclusively responsible for the operation, maintenance and repair of its respective portion of the Line.
Ownership and Operation. A. The Event Center at Grand Park including any Improvements shall be owned, operated, and maintained by the City.
Ownership and Operation. OF DEALER This Agreement has been entered into by Konica with Dealer in reliance (i) upon the representation and agreement that the following person(s) substantially participate(s) in the ownership and management of Dealer: Percentage Name Address of Interest /s/ Xxxxx X. Xxxxxx 00 Xxxx xxxx, Xxxxxx NH 50.1% ---------------------- ----------------------- ------------------- ______________________ _______________________ ____________________ ______________________ _______________________ ____________________ and (ii) upon the representation and agreement that the business of Dealer shall be conducted at the address set forth in the Agreement as Dealer's principal place of business. In the event of any change in the ownership of Dealer, or of any change in the managerial authority or responsibility of the above named Dealer, or change in the address of Dealer's principal place of business Dealer shall give prior written notice thereof (except in the event of a change caused by the death of any such person. No such change or notice thereof shall alter or modify any of the provisions of this Agreement, unless and until embodied in an appropriate amendment to this Agreement duly executed by a Vice President of Konica. BUSINESS TYPE Sole Proprietor [_] Xxxxxx office Products, - Partnership [_] Inc. will continue to Corporation [X] N.H. operate but Global ---------------------- Imaging Systems, Inc. State of Incorporation will own all the shares Ownership is scheduled to change on 1/31/95 to: Global Imaging Systems, Inc. X.X. Xxx 000000 Xxxxx Xxxxxxx 100%
Ownership and Operation. The BSS shall at all times be the sole and exclusive property of NYSEG during the Term. Customer shall have no property interest in the BSS during the Term in accordance with the terms of the Agreements. The BSS shall only be operated in accordance with applicable manufacturer’s manual of instructions (the “Instructions”). Without limiting the Customer’s other obligations under the Agreements, Customer specifically acknowledges and agrees that: • Customer shall not operate the BSS for other uses than the purpose of the Demonstration Program during the Term, unless in an emergency or otherwise agreed to in writing by the Parties; • Customer shall not remove, relocate, tamper with, adjust, make alterations to, or repair the BSS without prior notice to NYSEG; • Customer shall not damage the BSS or remove or deface the nameplate identifying the BSS as the property of NYSEG; • Customer shall provide NYSEG or its approved contractor with reasonable access during regular business hours and at a mutually agreeable time to the BSS or any area of the Premises necessary for NYSEG or its approved contractor to read the meter, inspect, repair, maintain or disconnect or remove the BSS, to measure electricity usage by the BSS, or to otherwise enforce its rights under the Agreements; • NYSEG does not sell lists of its customers, their mail or electronic addresses, or any information that would identify a specific customer. NYSEG will not share such information except as may be required by regulatory or law-enforcement agencies, or as necessary to obtain assistance or direct referrals for customers eligible for special programs such as low- income assistance or energy-efficiency improvements. Customer hereby acknowledges and agrees that any use of the BSS other than as permitted herein or in contravention of the terms and conditions of use as set forth herein constitutes a misuse of the BSS and a breach of the Agreements.
Ownership and Operation. The Facility shall be owned or controlled by Seller during the Agreement Term. Seller shall not sell or otherwise dispose of any material portion of the Facility or any material property or assets that are related to the operation, maintenance and use of the Facility other than in the ordinary course of Seller’s business and in a manner that would not materially impair Seller’s ability to perform its obligations hereunder. The Facility shall be operated throughout the Delivery Term by (a) an Affiliate of First Solar, Inc., (b) a Person that has at least three (3) years of experience operating at least two (2) photovoltaic generating facilities with a capacity similar to or greater than that of the Facility, or