Option Price Sample Clauses

Option Price. The Option price is $_______ for each Share, being 100% of the fair market value, as determined by the Committee, of the Common Stock on the date of grant of this Option.
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Option Price. The purchase price for the Option Shares shall be, except as herein provided, $20.00 per Option Share, hereinafter sometimes referred to as the "Option Price," payable immediately in full upon the exercise of the Option.
Option Price. The purchase price of the Option Shares shall be $_____ per share.
Option Price. The Option Price, being the price at which Participant shall be entitled to purchase the Option Shares upon the exercise of all or any portion of the Option, shall be $ per share.
Option Price. The purchase price of the Shares subject to the Option shall be $ per Share (the “Option Price”), subject to adjustment as set forth in the Plan.
Option Price. Options, when specified by an Authorized User, shall include any and all labor, installation, fittings, connections, etc., that might be needed to attach the Option to the Vehicle so that the Option operates to the Option’s full design capabilities; there shall be no additional up-charges, fees, etc., for adding OEM Options. The MSRP for Options shall be included in the Base Vehicle MSRP, and be discounted in accordance with the NYS Vehicle Discount. Offers of pricing greater than MSRP in a Mini-Bid shall result in rejection of the bid. When a standard Vehicle Option is being deleted, the Contractor must give the Authorized User proof of the MSRP for the Option, as shown in the OEM Specifications. If the Option is not in the OEM Specifications, the Contractor must provide documentation showing the MSRP for the Option. Any deletion must clearly be shown on the invoice and clearly show cost deduction.
Option Price. The purchase price of the shares of Common Stock covered by the Option shall be $_________ per share (without commission or other charge).
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Option Price. The price per share for Common Stock purchased on the exercise of an Option shall be fixed by the Committee, but shall not be less than the Fair Market Value on the date of grant.
Option Price. Each share covered by an Option shall have the Option Price specified on the signature page hereof.
Option Price. The price to be paid for each share of Common Stock issued upon exercise of the whole or any part of this Option is the Option Price set forth on the face of this certificate.
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