OCCUPANTS Sample Clauses

OCCUPANTS. The Premises is to be occupied strictly as a residential dwelling with the following individual(s) in addition to the Tenant: (check one) ☐ - (“Occupant(s)”) ☐ - There are no Occupant(s).
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OCCUPANTS. Tenant agrees that no more than persons may reside on the Property without the prior written consent of the Landlord.
OCCUPANTS. Tenant agrees that no more than ____ persons may reside on the Premises without prior written consent of the Landlord.
OCCUPANTS. Only the following individuals shall occupy the premises unless written consent of the LANDLORD is obtained: (HERE ALL TENANTS AND MINOR OCCUPANTS ARE LISTED). A reasonable number of guests may occupy the premises without prior written consent if stay is limited to 72 hours.
OCCUPANTS. The Tenant(s) shall be responsible for the occupancy of the leased Premises by the persons named below: • • • • • • [List the name of the Occupants]
OCCUPANTS. Guest(s) staying over 15 days without the written consent of OWNER shall be considered a breach of this agreement. ONLY the following individuals and/or animals, AND NO OTHERS shall occupy the subject residence for more than 15 days unless the expressed written consent of OWNER obtained in advance .
OCCUPANTS. In addition to the Sublessee, the following individuals are allowed to occupy the Premises: (check one) ☐ – [NAMES OF OCCUPANTS] (“Occupant(s)”) ☐ – There are no other individuals occupying the Premises. III.
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OCCUPANTS. The number of occupants is limited to two (2) primary tenants & two (2) children. Only the Tenants may live in this building. Any additional residents residing in said dwelling for more than 2 weeks continuously must be added to this lease or receive written permission from the Landlord, subject to the same restrictions as the tenants, i.e. they must fill out an application. Nurses or maids required to care for the Tenants during an illness are an exception from this provision.
OCCUPANTS. The premises shall not be occupied by any person other than those designated above as TENANT with the exception of the following named persons: . If LANDLORD, with written consent, allows for additional persons to occupy the premises, the rent shall be increased by $ for each such person. Any person staying 14 days cumulative or longer, without the LANDLORD'S written consent, shall be considered as occupying the premises in violation of this agreement. 6.
OCCUPANTS. Only you can live in the bedspace assigned to you within the Premises. It will be used only as a private residence and for no other purpose. We have the right, when any bedspace within the Apartment is unoccupied, to place a new resident in the unoccupied bedspace unless you and all other residents in the Apartment agree to pay us, as part of your respective Rental Installments, the total Rental Installments due for such unoccupied bedspace. The fact that you and your roommates may be in conflict with each other will not act as grounds to terminate this Lease. If your roommate or a potential roommate was not truthful on their lease application, we are not liable, but that person could be in default under their lease. You will incur a fee of $100 per week if you use or keep any personal items in an unleased bedspace within your Apartment.
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