Observation Procedures Sample Clauses

Observation Procedures. Nothing precludes evaluators from carrying out their normal supervisory responsibilities by observing the evaluatee's total job performance at any time. When classroom observations are being used as assessment techniques for a unit member whose performance is considered effective, the evaluator should notify the evaluatee when the observation is to be conducted, the method of observation, and who will do the observation.
Observation Procedures. At the beginning of the evaluation cycle, a pre-evaluation conference will be held to review the evaluation form, expectations, and to arrange the observation schedule. At the end of the evaluation cycle, a conference will be held to review the “Evaluation Report”, which will be completed by March 15. Social workers will be evaluated using the Social Worker Staff Evaluation Form.
Observation Procedures. 9.4.1 Evaluations will be based on observations made in the employee’s primary working environment. Observation(s) is done by either a service of unscheduled (informal) drop-in visits or by a scheduled (formal) observation for the major portion of an entire period of instruction or equivalent duration.
Observation Procedures. During the first two (2) weeks of school, the administration shall orient all teachers regarding evaluation procedures and instruments (Sidebar Attachments 1, 2, 3, and 4). The procedures will be based upon the Xxxxxxxx Evaluation Model as modified herein.
Observation Procedures. 5.1.1 Should either the teacher or the evaluator feel a conference is necessary to discuss the TLE Formative Review Form, one will be scheduled at the earliest convenient time.
Observation Procedures. The procedures for the Formal Observations of Teachers shall be as follows:
Observation Procedures. 5.2.1 At least two (2) observations for career teachers or four (4) observations for probationary teachers (See Appendix D-1) shall be required in the formal evaluation of all employees. Such observation shall involve a minimum of twenty (20) minutes to do a thorough, fair, and equitable evaluation.
Observation Procedures. Each Summative Track employee shall be formally observed for the number of times per year identified in Section 8.8.3 above. Generally, formal observations shall be limited to these observations, except in the case where the evaluator believes additional assistance is warranted or the employee requests additional feedback.
Observation Procedures. For the purpose of evaluation, each employee shall be directly observed by his/her evaluator twice in the performance of his/her assigned duties.
Observation Procedures. 1. At least one observation shall be for a continuous length of time no shorter than 30 minutes and shall be conducted at a mutually agreed upon date and time. No observation shall be conducted during the first 20, or last 20 days of the contract year, except by mutual agreement. No observation shall be conducted the day before or after a day of vacation or holiday, except by mutual agreement.