Nurse Uniform Maintenance Allowance Sample Clauses

Nurse Uniform Maintenance Allowance. Employees in nursing titles who are on the payroll on the date of ratification and the date of payment shall receive a one-time lump sum $500 payment, not added to base, which will be paid as soon as practicable after ratification and will be pro-rated for those not in full-time status on those dates. Funding for this allowance will be taken from Article 14 and 15 funds under the 2019-2023 Agreement. This one-time lump sum payment shall not be included as compensation for purposes of computation of overtime pay or for retirement purposes.
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Related to Nurse Uniform Maintenance Allowance

  • Uniform Maintenance Allowance 22.1 The City provides uniforms or uniform allowance for employees represented by the Association. The City will continue to replace, repair and maintain uniforms worn in the line of duty. The average cost of the uniforms/uniform allowances are reported as special compensation (for those employees defined as “classic employees” by the Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act of 2013 for retirement calculation purposes and is currently reported as $17 per pay period.

  • Uniform Allowance Where uniforms are required, the Hospital shall either supply and launder uniforms or provide a uniform allowance of per year in a lump sum payment in the first pay period of November of each year.

  • Common Area Maintenance Tenant shall be responsible for Tenant's Prorata share of the total costs incurred for the operation, maintenance and repair of the Common Areas, including, but not limited to, the costs and expenses incurred for the operation, maintenance and repair of parking areas (including restriping and repaving); removal of snow; utilities for common lighting and signs; normal HVAC maintenance and elevator maintenance (if applicable); trash removal; security to protect and secure the Area; common entrances, exits, and lobbies of the Building; all common utilities, including water to maintain landscaping; replanting in order to maintain a smart appearance of landscape areas; supplies; depreciation on the machinery and equipment used in such operation, maintenance and repair; the cost of personnel to implement such services; the cost of maintaining in good working condition the HVAC system(s) for the Leased premises; the cost of maintaining in good working condition the elevator(s) for the Leased Premises, if applicable; and Ten percent ( 10 %) of all such operational, maintenance and repair costs to cover Landlord's administrative and overhead costs. These costs shall be estimated on an annual basis by the Landlord and shall be adjusted upwards or downwards depending on the actual costs for the preceding twelve months. Tenant shall pay monthly, commencing with the first month of the Lease Term, as additional rent due under the terms hereof, a sum equal to Tenant's Prorata Share of the estimated costs for said twelve (12) month period, divided by 12. The estimated initial monthly costs are $ 1,040.00. Once each year the Landlord shall determine the actual costs of the foregoing expenses for the prior year and if the actual costs are greater than the estimated costs, the Tenant shall pay its Tenant's Prorata Share of the difference between the estimated costs and the actual costs to the Landlord with the next payment of Base Monthly Rent, or, if the actual costs are less than the estimated costs, the Landlord shall forthwith refund the amount of the Tenant's excess payment to the Tenant.

  • Site Allowance All new construction and extension/refurbishment work having a project value in excess of $2.0m will attract the then current City of Melbourne Site Allowance.

  • Service Core Allowance The company shall pay $0.95 per hour for all work carried out in construction of service core. This allowance will be adjusted annually (effective from 1 June) in accordance with CPI movements (All Groups, Melbourne) for the preceding 12 months to March (increases to be rounded to the nearest 5 cents).

  • Record Maintenance and Retention A. Grantee shall keep and maintain under GAAP or GASB, as applicable, full, true, and complete records necessary to fully disclose to the System Agency, the Texas State Auditor’s Office, the United States Government, and their authorized representatives sufficient information to determine compliance with the terms and conditions of this Grant Agreement and all state and federal rules, regulations, and statutes.

  • Operating and Maintenance Costs The Participating Generator shall be responsible for all its costs incurred in connection with operating and maintaining the Generating Units identified in Schedule 1 for the purpose of meeting its obligations under this Agreement.

  • INTERIM MAINTENANCE PERIOD During the interim maintenance period between obtaining of the completion certificate of Project and formation and operationalization of the Association the Promoter shall through itself or through a facility management company constitute a committee to run, operate, manage and maintain the Common Areas.

  • Operating and Maintenance Expenses Subject to the provisions herein addressing the use of facilities by others, and except for operations and maintenance expenses associated with modifications made for providing interconnection or transmission service to a third party and such third party pays for such expenses, the Interconnection Customer shall be responsible for all reasonable expenses including overheads, associated with: (1) owning, operating, maintaining, repairing, and replacing the Interconnection Customer’s Interconnection Facilities; and (2) operation, maintenance, repair and replacement of the Participating TO’s Interconnection Facilities.

  • Cleaning Allowance The University will pay for the cleaning of Department issued uniforms and necessary work clothing requiring cleaning worn by employees assigned to non-uniformed positions.

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