No Removal Sample Clauses

No Removal. A Manager may not be removed as a manager by the Members.
No Removal. Consultant shall not remove any items comprising Confidential Information from the premises of Company, or the other owner thereof, without the owner's prior written authorization.
No Removal. A Member may not remove any of the contents when inspecting her or his Official Performance File or Personnel File.
No Removal. The User must not:
No Removal. For the avoidance of doubt, the Members have no right under this Agreement to remove or replace the Manager.
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No Removal. Distributor shall not remove, alter, deface or otherwise obscure any Castelle trademark or trade name appearing on any Product or documentation without the express written permission of Castelle.
No Removal. That no building, improvement or any of the Equipment of material value now or hereafter covered by the lien of this Mortgage shall be removed, demolished or materially altered or enlarged, nor shall any new building or improvement be constructed without prior written notice to the Mortgagee, except that the Mortgagor shall have the right, without such notice, to remove and dispose of, free from the lien of this Mortgage, such Equipment as from time to time may become worn out or obsolete, provided that either (a) simultaneously with or prior to such removal any such Equipment shall be replaced with other Equipment of a value at least equal to that of the replaced Equipment and free from any title retention or security agreement or other encumbrance, and by such removal and replacement the Mortgagor shall be deemed to have subjected such equipment to the lien of this Mortgage, or (b) any net cash proceeds received from such disposition shall be paid over promptly to the Mortgagee to be applied to the last installments due on the indebtedness secured without any charge for prepayment.
No Removal. The General Partner shall not be subject to removal by the Limited Partners.
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