NIST Sample Clauses

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  • Quality Assurance Program An employee shall be entitled to leave of absence without loss of earnings from her or his regularly scheduled working hours for the purpose of writing examinations required by the College of Nurses of Ontario arising out of the Quality Assurance Program.

  • Health plan specification The Employer will require health plans participating in the Group Insurance Program to develop and implement health promotion and health education programs for State employees and their dependents.

  • Quality Assurance The parties endorse the underlying principles of the Company’s Quality Management System, which seeks to ensure that its services are provided in a manner which best conforms to the requirements of the contract with its customer. This requires the Company to establish and maintain, implement, train and continuously improve its procedures and processes, and the employees to follow the procedures, document their compliance and participate in the improvement process. In particular, this will require employees to regularly and reliably fill out documentation and checklists to signify that work has been carried out in accordance with the customer’s specific requirements. Where necessary, training will be provided in these activities.

  • Specialist The Specialist is an employee with recognized expertise in a particular specialty area of Legal Services work (including litigation skills). A Specialist will not be responsible for supervision or management as defined by applicable labor law. In addition to the other responsibilities of his/her job category, a Specialist is responsible for some or all of the following tasks:

  • Prescription Drugs The agreement may impose a variety of limits affecting the scope or duration of benefits that are not expressed numerically. An example of these types of treatments limit is preauthorization. Preauthorization is applied to behavioral health services in the same way as medical benefits. The only exception is except where clinically appropriate standards of care may permit a difference. Mental disorders are covered under Section A. Mental Health Services. Substance use disorders are covered under Section

  • Minimum Standard of Treatment 1. Each Party shall accord to a covered investment treatment in accordance with the customary international law minimum standard of treatment of aliens, including fair and equitable treatment and full protection and security.

  • Technology Research Analyst Job# 1810 General Characteristics Maintains a strong understanding of the enterprise’s IT systems and architectures. Assists in the analysis of the requirements for the enterprise and applying emerging technologies to support long-term business objectives. Responsible for researching, collecting, and disseminating information on emerging technologies and key learnings throughout the enterprise. Researches and recommends changes to foundation architecture. Supports research projects to identify and evaluate emerging technologies. Interfaces with users and staff to evaluate possible implementation of the new technology in the enterprise, consistent with the goal of improving existing systems and technologies and in meeting the needs of the business. Analyzes and researches process of deployment and assists in this process.

  • Drug Testing 27.01 The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, or use of a controlled substance by employees is prohibited in the workplace, except as otherwise may be allowed by law, and employees in violation of this provision may be subject to disciplinary action as set forth in this article. Further, an employee must notify the Employer of any drug statute conviction for a violation occurring in the workplace no later than five (5) days after such conviction.

  • Prescription Drug Plan Effective July 1, 2011, retail and mail order prescription drug copays for bargaining unit employees shall be as follows: Type of Drug Prescriptions for 1-45 Days (1 copay) Prescriptions for 46-90 Days (2 copays) Generic drug $10 $20 Preferred brand name drug $25 $50 Non-preferred brand name drug $40 $80 Effective July 1, 2011, for each plan year the Prescription Drug annual out-of- pocket copay maximum shall be $1,000 for individual coverage and $1,500 for employee and spouse, employee and child, or employee and family coverage.

  • Surgery Services This plan covers surgery services to treat a disease or injury when: • the operation is not experimental or investigational, or cosmetic in nature; • the operation is being performed at the appropriate place of service; and • the physician is licensed to perform the surgery. Preauthorization may be required for certain surgical services. Reconstructive Surgery for a Functional Deformity or Impairment This plan covers reconstructive surgery and procedures when the services are performed to relieve pain, or to correct or improve bodily function that is impaired as a result of: • a birth defect; • an accidental injury; • a disease; or • a previous covered surgical procedure. Functional indications for surgical correction do not include psychological, psychiatric or emotional reasons. This plan covers the procedures listed below to treat functional impairments. • abdominal wall surgery including panniculectomy (other than an abdominoplasty); • blepharoplasty and ptosis repair; • gastric bypass or gastric banding; • nasal reconstruction and septorhinoplasty; • orthognathic surgery including mandibular and maxillary osteotomy; • reduction mammoplasty; • removal of breast implants; • removal or treatment of proliferative vascular lesions and hemangiomas; • treatment of varicose veins; or • gynecomastia. Preauthorization may be required for these services.