Newspapers Sample Clauses

Newspapers. The Company will pay for two daily newspapers.
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Newspapers. 2. Mixed paper (including magazines, catalogs, envelopes, junk mail, corrugated cardboard, xxxxx bags and paper, paperboard, paper egg cartons, office paper, and telephone books)
Newspapers. Newspapers provide the most accurate information on dates of construction, the development of infrastructure and transportation systems, the development of subdivisions, the names of architects and builders, major fires, economic growth, and major historical events in a community. Because early newspapers printed much local gossip, they provide a wealth of information useful in developing historic contexts and specific information about historical resources. The Oklahoma Historical Society’s Research Center has the largest collection of Oklahoma newspaper titles on microfilm (xxxx:// Other sources of newspapers include local libraries, the local newspaper, local colleges and universities, and the Western History Collections and the Journalism Library at the University of Oklahoma. The Oklahoman Archives are also available online at xxxx:// The archives are also available through library electronic databases; check with your local library for more information.
Newspapers. You are welcome to make arrangements to have newspapers delivered to you. If you need assistance the business office will assist. You are responsible for payment of the subscription. Cable/Satellite Cable/satellite hookup is available. Contact the business office for more information.
Newspapers. Digital copying of newspapers is not permitted. Newspapers may only be photocopied and printed, including printed from the Internet.
Newspapers. Recycling newspaper three to four times a year. Please save papers and cardboards at home.
Newspapers. Includes advertising supplements and inserts distributed with the newspaper. Plastic delivery jackets and rubber bands must be removed.
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Newspapers. Shall include newspapers and newspaper advertisement. Does not include catalogues, magazines, cardboard or other paper products.
Newspapers. The Shellbrook Chronicle and Spiritwood Herald weekly papers, which are being combined during COVID-19, ran the following ad in the October 15, 2020 edition: Online News Sites The news pages on paNOW, MeadowlakeNOW, LaRongeNOW, and BattlefordsNOW ran the following ad for 2 weeks: Online Community Bulletin Boards The community events/news pages of paNOW, MeadowlakeNOW, LaRongeNOW, and BattlefordsNOW ran the following information: Posters A one-page poster was distributed to planners for putting up on bulletin boards around communities as appropriate.
Newspapers.  The London Free Press and campus papers print rental listings. This may provide a different rental selection, but does not necessarily target students.
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