Newspapers Sample Clauses

Newspapers. Digital copying of newspapers is not permitted. Newspapers may only be photocopied and printed, including printed from the Internet.
Newspapers xxxask Nikki or Shelby to use so that we don’t have multiple users at a time. We only have one subscription.
Newspapers. (2) Souvenir articles promoting a newspaper, namely cups, umbrellas, shirts, hats, headbands, and waist pouches. Associated Marks: TMA501236 (The Province Design) Action: Registered: February 12, 1993. Renewal: February 12, 2008. CREDIT AGREEMENT -H35- THE PROVINCE Design 0862788/TMA501236 Current Owner: CanWest MediaWorks Publications Inc. Registered Owner: Pacific Newspaper Group Inc. Status: Registered Date of Use: Used in CANADA since at least as early as August 01, 1997. Representative: Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Services: Advertising the wares and services of others through medium of a newspaper published primarily in British Columbia. Wares: (1) Newspapers published primarily in British Columbia. Associated Marks: TMA408219 (The Province) Action: Registered: September 25, 1998. Renewal: September 25, 2013.
Newspapers. Catholic New World Chicago Daily News Chicago Defender Chicago Reader Chicago Sun-Times Chicago Tribune Fundisha! Teach! N’Digo New York Times Published Books Anderson, Alan B., and George W. Pickering. Confronting the Color Line: The Broken Promise of the Civil Rights Movement in Chicago. Athens: The University of Georgia Press, 1986. Anderson, James. The Education of Blacks in the South. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1988. Avella, Steven M. This Confident Church: Catholic Leadership and Life in Chicago, 1940-1965. South Bend: University of Notre Dame Press, 1992. Baker, R. Scott. Pardoxes od Desegregation: African American STrugles fo Educational Equity in Charleston, South Carolina, 1926-1972. Columbia, South Carolina: University of South Carolina Press, 2006. Berry, Brian J. The Open Housing Question: Race and Housing in Chicago, 1966-1976. Cambridge: Ballinger Publishing Company, 1979.
Newspapers. The eight newspapers currently distributed in the city of Santiago were selected, including 2 that are distributed free of cost. The dailies monitored were: • El XxxxxxxxXx Xxxxxxx • Xx Xxxxxx • La SegundaLas Últimas Noticias • La Cuarta • Publimetro • La Hora Methodology to monitor campaign spending The methodological design took into account prior experiences in monitoring conducted in Latin America and the Caribbean, and in Eastern Europe, adapting some of its characteristics to the Chilean case. Once the methodology had been defined and reviewed, the media and places chosen were constantly and thoroughly monitored. This was done by a group of monitors who:
Newspapers. 6.2.2 Chiropody;
Newspapers. The Company will reimburse the Employee upon production of paid receipts the cost of 2 daily newspapers. Credit Card Fees. The Company will reimburse the Employee the annual fee for 2 credit cards upon production of paid receipts. Membership in Professional Organization/Clubs. The Company will pay for membership fees up to USD750,- per year in professional and social clubs, that can and will improve the business in relation to the employment.
Newspapers. Each of The Blade and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette will add “Wxxxxxx Block, Jr., co-publisher, 1990-2001” to its editorial page on the same line as it presently states “Wxxxxxx Block, co-publisher, 1942-1989.” The additional language will commence January 1, 2005, and appear daily for so long as Corporation owns such newspapers.