NEGATIVE Sample Clauses

NEGATIVE. From and including the Effective Date until Closing or the earlier termination of this Agreement, neither Seller nor Lease Guarantor shall do, cause, permit or authorize any of the following, unless, in each case, Buyer’s prior written consent has been obtained: (i) enter into any new, or amend any existing, lease, easement, contract or agreement affecting or encumbering a Location (or any part thereof); (ii) assign, transfer, convey, hypothecate, create a security interest in or lien upon, grant any easement or right-of-way, or otherwise further encumber any part of a Location or any interest therein or take any other action that would affect the title to any part of a Location as it exists as of the Effective Date; or (iii) amend or otherwise modify the Organizational Documents or structure of Seller or Lease Guarantor in a manner that is adverse to Buyer or the transactions contemplated by this Agreement, any Lease, or any Lease Guaranty, and provided further that no amendment or modifications to the Organizational Documents or structure of Seller or Lease Guarantor shall be made after the date that is five (5) business days prior to the Closing Date.
NEGATIVE. COVENANTS For so long as this Agreement is in effect, the Parent and the Borrower, as applicable, shall comply with the following covenants: Section 9.1.
NEGATIVE. The drug or alcohol test did not identify prohibited levels of drugs or alcohol in the Associate’s system. This result means the Associate passed the drug or alcohol test and is eligible to perform services on the Company’s behalf (subject to other successful prescreen completion).
NEGATIVE. COVENANTS Borrower hereby agrees that it shall not, and it shall not per- mit any of its Subsidiaries (other than any Unrestricted Subsidiaries, ex- cept as expressly specified below) to, directly or indirectly, so long as the Commitments remain in effect or any Loan, Note or L/C Obligation re- mains outstanding and unpaid, any amount remains available to be drawn un- der any Letter of Credit (unless cash in an amount equal to such amount has been deposited to a cash collateral account established by the Administra- tive Agent) or any other amount is owing to any Lender or the Administra- tive Agent hereunder or under any other Credit Document (it being under- stood that each of the permitted exceptions to each of the covenants in this Section 8 is in addition to, and not overlapping with, any other of such permitted exceptions except to the extent expressly provided): 8.1.
NEGATIVE. Between the date hereof and the Closing Date, Seller will not, without prior written consent of Buyer:
NEGATIVE. COVENANTS The Borrower hereby agrees that, so long as any Commitment remains in effect, any Loan or Letter of Credit is outstanding, or any other Obligation is due and payable to any Lender or the Administrative Agent hereunder or under any other Loan Document, the Borrower shall not, and the Borrower shall not permit any of the Restricted Subsidiaries to, directly or indirectly: 54 61 8.1
NEGATIVE. COVENANTS The Borrower (and with respect to Section 8.8(b) only, Holdings) (and, to the extent set forth in any other Loan Document, each other Loan Party) agrees with the Lenders, the L/C Issuers and the Administrative Agent to each of the following, as long as any Obligation (other than Obligations in connection with Secured Hedging Agreements and contingent indemnification obligations in respect of which no claim has been asserted) or any Commitment remains outstanding: Section 8.1
NEGATIVE. From and after the Effective Date, FIND agrees that, throughout the Term (and as to subparagraph (a) immediately below throughout the Term and at all times after the end of the Term), FIND shall not:
NEGATIVE. Cove Lessee convenants and agrees that he will do none of the following things without first obtaining the nents of Lessee consent, in writing of Lessor, which consent Lessor shall not unreasonably withhold, and without providing lessor with Lessor with reimbursement for any expenses incurred or incidental to Leasee's proposed action. (a) Use of (a) Occupy the demised premises in any other manner or for any other purpose than as above set forth. Premises (b) Assign, mortgage or pledge this lease or under-let or sub-lease the demised premises, or any (b) Assignment part thereof, or permit any other person, firm or corporation to occupy the demised premises, or any part and Subletting thereof; nor shall any assignee or sub-leasee assign, mortgage or pledge this lease or such sub-lease, without an additional written consent by the Lessor, and without such consent no such assignment, mortgage or pledge shall be valid. If the lessee becomes embarrassed or insolvent, or makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors, or if a petition in bankruptcy is filed by or against the Lessee or a xxxx in equity or other proceeding for the appointment of a receiver for the Lessee is filed, or if the real or personal property of the Lessee shall be sold or levied upon by any Sheriff, Marshal or Constable, the same shall be a violation of this covenant. Signs (c) Place or allow to be placed any stand, booth, sign or show case upon the doorsteps, vestibules or outside walls or pavements of said premises, or paint, place, erect or cause to be painted, placed or erected any sign, projection or device on or in any part of the premises. Lessee shall remove any sign, projection or device painted, placed or erected, if permission has been granted and restore the walls, etc., to their former conditions, at or prior to the expiration of this lease. In case of the breach of this covenant (in addition to all other remedies given to Lessor in case of the breach of any conditions or covenants of this lease) Lessor shall have the privilege of removing said stand, booth, sign, show case, projection or device, and restoring said walls, etc., to their former condition, and Lessee, at Lessor's option, shall be liable to Lessor for any and all expenses so incurred by Lessor. Alterations Improvements
NEGATIVE. COVENANTS So long as any Lender shall have any Commitment hereunder, any Loan or other Obligation hereunder (other than (i) contingent indemnification obligations as to which no claim has been asserted and (ii) obligations under Term Loan Secured Hedge Agreements) which is accrued and payable shall remain unpaid or unsatisfied, then from and after the Closing Date, Holdings and the Borrower (and, with respect to Section 7.14 only, Holdings) shall not and shall not permit any of its Restricted Subsidiaries to, directly or indirectly: Section 7.01