Monuments Sample Clauses

Monuments. Is the monument in place, leaning, or fallen? What is it made of? Is the inscription legible and can it be transcribed? Is there any visible damage to the monument and, if so, what kind/where? Is there any visible biological growth and, if so, what kind/where?
Monuments i. The location and description of any monuments or lines that control the boundaries of the surveyed property.
Monuments. All subdivision plats shall be monumented as required by Wis. Stats. §
Monuments i. Contractor is responsible for monument installation including site designation and layout for; and
Monuments. Interior monuments shall be set at each lot xxxxx either prior to recordation of the Final Map or some later date to be specified on the Final Map. If the owner (applicant) chooses to defer the setting of interior monuments to a specified later date, then sufficient security as determined by the Public Works Director shall be furnished prior to Final Map approval, to guarantee the setting of interior monuments. 28.
Monuments. All pipes and monuments shown on the Parcel Map which are destroyed or displaced during construction operations shall be replaced by Developer at the time of the final inspection of the Improvements, if any.
Monuments. (a) By its execution and delivery of this License, Licensee acknowledges that the monuments shown on the attached Exhibit B, if any, are in place and in good condition. During the installation of any permitted Facilities or alterations of, the Combined License Area pursuant to this License and at all times during Licensee’s use of the Combined License Area, Licensee shall protect and safeguard City’s monuments. Licensee shall promptly notify City if Licensee becomes aware of any change in the condition of City’s monuments, regardless of the cause of such change.
Monuments. A. Official monuments, as designated and adopted by the Xxxxxx County Surveyor's Office and approved by the Xxxxxx County District Court for use as judicial monuments, shall be set at each corner or angle on the outside boundary of the final plat or in accordance with a plan as approved by the City Engineer. The boundary line of the property to be included with the plat to be fully dimensioned; all monuments and surveyor's irons to be indicated, each angle point of the boundary perimeter to be so monumented.
Monuments. Subdivider shall set and establish survey monuments in accordance with the filed map and to the satisfaction of the City Engineer before acceptance of any work as complete by the City Council as a condition of this approval.