Listen Sample Clauses

Listen. An effective meeting is a two-way conversation, not a lecture. The supervisor 40 should remember that the employee may have a valid reason for what he or she did, or 41 the employee may not know that he or she violated a rule. 42
Listen. Before-Talk and Listen-And-Talk protocols, where ‘S’, ‘T’ and ‘W’ refer to the sensing period, transmission period and waiting period, respectively. probability for both LBT and LAT protocols. The sensing error probabilities used in the following derivations are all determined by the fusion method applied at the FC. It is worth noting that the scope of the fusion method is not limited to those introduced in this chapter.
Listen. Listen to the entire message that the other person is trying to communicate.
Listen to Kingdom FM, Forth One and Tay FM.
Listen. I am talking to you.
Listen. Another challenging aspect of school board service is learning to listen with an open mind to those with differing views. Effective school board members know that by listening to different points of view, they can gain new insights into issues.
Listen to the presentation of your partner (Set 2 STUDENT 2: Ethnic Park NOMAD, Khotkovo, Moscow Region).
Listen. What is the individual trying to convey?
Listen. Allow enough time for the survivor to finish what they are communicating. Try not to finish their sentence for them or cut them off when speaking;• Let the survivor know when you do or do not understand something they say; • Confirm what you are hearing and understanding by repeating it back and asking the survivor if that is correct; and• Check/validate your perceptions. Differences in muscle tone and control for some individuals may complicate nonverbal cues- facial expressions or body language.