Law and Order Sample Clauses

Law and Order. The NRDA will assist the Lessee in any application that may be made for securing the assistance of law enforcement agencies as may be required for maintenance of law and order and protection of the Project's Assets. However any cost thereto would be borne by the Lessee.
Law and Order. Renter is responsible for maintaining law and order both within and outside the building at all times during the rental term.
Law and Order. The Hirer shall be responsible for the maintenance of law and order both within the Hall and the Car Park during their period of hire. The Hirer agrees to keep all noises in and outside the Hall at a level acceptable to the by-laws of the Auckland Council. Hall Management, the Police, Liquor Licensing Inspectors or authorized Security Guards shall have free admission to the premises at all times. The Hall Management accepts no responsibility for the behaviour of attendees at any activity.
Law and Order. Crime and Punishment
Law and Order. Cllr Henderson gave an overview of the type of antisocial behaviour that has been occurring in Perry Wood and the frustrations of reporting issues using101. SBCllr Valentine advised that issues should continue to be reported via101. Graeme Tuff advised that incidences of motorised bikes should be reported via 101 but caravans and motorhomes should be reported to Swale Borough Council and the Environmental Enforcement Team will attend under the unauthorised encampments regulations. Historically there has been no signage due to the rural nature of the site but SBC is now looking at putting up notices displaying the relevant byelaws around the car park areas with the contact details for how to report infringements. Graeme suggested using social media to find out where the quad bikes are coming from. He also said that the ‘Chat’ on the Police website has been used by members of his team to report antisocial behaviour and suggested that this may be easier than101. Cllr Day reported that the amount of time taken before being able to speak to anyone on 101 is putting people off using it. Graeme Tuff suggested that it would be helpful to know whether the offenders were the same small group re-visiting the site or whether it is a larger group making less frequent visits. SBCllr Valentine volunteered to be a point of contact to pass on information that may be useful intelligence when a crime hasn’t actually been committed. Cllr Hobson suggested that time and day information should be captured and it was important to continue to report incidents on 101.Resolved: Cllr Day will collate the intelligence from sightings and report to the Police and SBCllr Valentine.Action: Ongoing progress on this initiative to be posted on the website and Facebook to encourage residents to also report incidents.Action: To move the feature on Perry Wood on the website to higher prominence.Action: The Clerk to provide SBCllr Valentine with the PCSO contact details Action: Graeme Tuff will talk to the Comms Team at SBC to see if it is possible to gain insight into the identification of the offenders and their planned visit through social media.Action: Cllr Henderson will report all sightings to help establish who the offenders are.Action: The Clerk and Cllr Hobson to put up messages on social media reminding residents to report antisocial behaviour.
Law and Order i) In view of the widespread allegations that FIRs [police reports] have been poorly or wrongly recorded and that investigations are being `influenced' by extraneous considerations or players, the Commission is of the view that the integrity of the process has to be restored. It therefore recommends the entrusting of certain critical cases to the CBI [Central Bureau of Investigation]. These include the cases relating to the · Godhra incident, which is at present being investigated by the GRP;· Chamanpura (Gulbarga Society) incident;· Naroda Patiya incident;· Best Bakery case in Vadodara; and the· Sadarpura case in Mehsana district.
Law and Order. Both National and ACT announced policies that involved stricter provisions in relation to sentencing, bail and parole. An incoming National-led government is committed to introducing legislation to give effect to these changes as a matter of priority. National agrees to introduce the ACT Three Strikes Bill as a part of this package of measures, to receive submissions and consideration in the select committee. National further agrees to give the ACT bill a fair hearing in the committee based on the evidence and give due weight to the submissions received.
Law and Order. Sec. 37.081. SCHOOL DISTRICT PEACE OFFICERS, SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICERS, AND SECURITY PERSONNEL. (a) The board of trustees of any school district may employ security personnel, enter into a memorandum of understanding with a local law enforcement agency for the provision of school resource officers, and commission peace officers to carry out this subchapter. If a board of trustees authorizes a person employed as security personnel to carry a weapon, the person must be a commissioned peace officer. The jurisdiction of a peace officer, a school resource officer, or security personnel under this section shall be determined by the board of trustees and may include all territory in the boundaries of the school district and all property outside the boundaries of the district that is owned, leased, or rented by or otherwise under the control of the school district and the board of trustees that employ the peace officer or security personnel or that enter into a memorandum of understanding for the provision of a school resource officer. (b) In a peace officer's jurisdiction, a peace officer commissioned under this section:
Law and Order reported in Table I is the average of the yearly averages over the period 1991-2002, using the same value for both 2001 and 2002.measures more than the formal rules. It includes measures of economic costs of worker protection such as the cost of increasing working hours and the cost of firing workers.The second index, Union, assesses the legal protection of labor unions and the regulation of collective disputes. Strong collective relations laws strengthen union power, in turn making it easier for workers to prevent or discourage layoffs and wage reductions. The third index, Soc_Sec, measures the strength of social security laws. Botero et al. (2004) show that social security laws are closely related to GDP per capita that reflects a country’s level of economic development. We consider the effects of social security laws only in the robustness section.These labor law indices and their correlations with other legal variables are reported in Tables I and II. All labor indices are positively correlated with each other and are negatively correlated with all measures of investor protection (except for the correlation between Soc_Sec and Law and Order). Countries with strong investor protection tend to have weak labor laws and vice versa.D. Firm-specific variables Data for firm-specific variables also come from Worldscope. We use the logarithm of sales to measure the size of the firm. Large firms are more likely to be unionized, have a better chance to be bailed out by the government in the event of financial distress, and may be slow to react to external shocks. They also receive more public attention and are more likely to be covered by Worldscope. It also may be easier for smaller firms to layoff 20% of their employees and sell 15% of their assets than it is for larger firms. Financial leverage is measured by the ratio of short term plus long term debt divided by total assets.Ownership data come from Worldscope, Amadeus, the ISI Emerging Markets Database, local stock exchanges, and company websites. We proxy the ownership concentration variable, Own, by the sum of the equity stakes of the three largest shareholders each with more than 5% of the firm shares. None of the firms in our sample list the government as a direct owner with more than 5%. The ownership data for top executives is available only for 2002-2004. We average the three years and use it as a proxy for the actual managerial ownership for the rest of the period. All firm specific explanatory varia...