Monetary Amounts Sample Clauses

Monetary Amounts. All monetary amounts referred to herein shall be in United States Dollars.
Monetary Amounts. When included, all monetary amounts, unless otherwise specified, appear in U.S. dollars.
Monetary Amounts. All monetary amounts stated in this Agreement are cited in, and must be paid in, United States dollars.
Monetary Amounts. All references to monetary amounts, unless otherwise specified to the contrary, are expressed in United States dollars.
Monetary Amounts. Unless otherwise expressly provided, monetary amounts are in U.S. dollars.
Monetary Amounts all monetary amounts are stated exclusive of GST and in New Zealand currency;
Monetary Amounts. All monetary amounts expressed herein or calculated or to be paid pursuant hereto shall be in United States Dollars unless otherwise specified. If any amount must be converted from United States Dollars to any other currency or from any other currency to United States Dollars for the purposes of this Agreement, such amount shall be converted using the conversion methodology of Orca and its Affiliates consistent with past practice.
Monetary Amounts. Except as may be otherwise expressly provided herein, all monetary amounts set out in the Lease are in Canadian currency and are exclusive of GST and any other applicable sales taxes
Monetary Amounts. Monetary amounts are expressed in Australian currency unless otherwise specified. 2. CONDITION PRECEDENT